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Supertest 1.11: Overlord 2D-Style Incoming

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A new 2D-Style has emerged in World of Tanks Supertes 1.11, and due to be released with the upcoming update: Overlord. The style is all-seasons customization to vehicles in World of Tanks and celebrates the Allied Normandy Operation Overlord.


The Normandy operation known as D-Day or Overlord was a large-scale strategic operation of allied Allied forces to land on the northern coast of France on July 6, 1944. This is one of the most significant battles of the Second World War, which resulted in the opening of the Second Front in Western Europe, which in turn forced the Germans to divide their forces between the eastern direction and the western.

The style allows players to place decals and emblems on top of it and can also be used on any nation and Tier vehicle. The in-game cost is set to 1,250 Gold, but it labelled as Special, we might have to wait and see this one available for those interested.