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Sub_Octavian Apologizes to Community Contributors

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Hello everyone,

A recent sh*tstorm has been going around World of Warships and how Wargaming made changes to the new German Destroyers just before released, and they didn’t bother to warn Community Contributors. This resulted in many Community Contributors to release Previews and information for the new German Destroyers that was wrong. A lot of CC’s had to apologize to their viewers/readers and it actually damaged some CC’s credibility. Today Sub_Octavian has issued an apologize on Reddit:

Greetings, comrades!

I have something to say about several topics and YT videos that appeared yesterday. In case you don’t know, Community Contributors had NDA lifted and published their reviews on KM DDs. But upon 0.5.16 release some line specs were different from what they saw during production test. CCs were unaware about it, which lead to regrettable cases, where some bloggers had to apologize for misleading their audience.

When I first noticed this discussion, I almost dismissed it with the thought “ok, yes, we did change some specs, this is normal for balancing ships before release”. But then fortunately I decided to go deeper in the problem and now I have full picture.

At the NDA removal several additional changes (they are the reason of this situation) were planned. New release was coming, so they were integrated in 0.5.16 version (which was at final stages before release), not in 0.5.15 (was live then). As a result of miscommunication, these changes were not outlined for CC coordinators and thus, they were not able to warn their CCs properly. Then CCs published their reviews, some time passed, 0.5.16 went live know the rest.

This miscommunication is our fault. We got sumberged in 0.5.16 preparations too much (as you know now, this version is not only new line, but also Santa boxes and Graf Spee), and just missed this important bit of information.

I sincerely aplogize for this. Working on ships rapidly is fine (we have quite short release cycle, so yes, drastic changes, quick reaction, etc), and I am not questioning the changes, but this lack of information clearly harmed CCs hard work. Guys, we did not mean to devaluate your contributions. We must have told you about the latest changes, and we will do our best to do so, should such danger occur again. You promote our game, you make dozens of fantastic videos and we appreciate that.

Have fun and happy holidays!

Talk about Christmas surprises, right? Let’s see if they learned anything with this.

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  1. This is the difference between WGNA and WGEU: the NA staff actually try to fix things when a WG screw-up leads to bad PR. The EU staff seemingly try to make the screw-ups worse.

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