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Strongholds: higher limit for legionnaires

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During summer, it’s always a bit more difficult to assemble teams to play Skirmishes with. As we want you to enjoy the Strongholds mode even in quieter times, we are temporarily increasing the legionnaire limit in Tier X Skirmishes from five to nine per team. This event is available from 10 July to 23 July.

If you haven’t tried the Strongholds mode yet, you can use this chance to find some new friends from other clans to play with, both as a member of a different clan and as a non-clan player.

Getting started in Skirmishes

Interested in playing in an organised team? Find all relevant information about the Skirmish mode here:

  • Skirmishes are available on weekdays between 15:00 and 01:00 CEST and on weekends between 12:00 and 01:00 CEST.
  • Not sure how to join Skirmishes as a legionnaire? Check out this guide!
  • Keep in mind that you can join skirmishes as a legionnaire even if you are member of another clan.

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