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World of Tanks: Steel Hunter – Battle Royale Event

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From August 26, Steel Hunter a new game event will become available. This mode enables players to fight alone or in a platton of three in Tank Royale Battles.

Battles will take place on a huge city map called Dreamland, which gets smaller over time. Aside from new core gameplay elements, Steel Hunter offers special combat vehicles and loads of in-game rewards.

Steel Hunter – 26 August 2019, 09:00 UTC – 16 September 2019, 02:00 UTC

General Overview

You are one of 20 players fighting for victory, and your main goal is to survive at all costs. Choose to fight solo or in one of seven Platoons of three (in which case there will be a total of 21 players). You need to dominate the battlefield, while looting spawned treasures and timely escaping Danger Zones that destroy your vehicle after the countdown.

If you prefer, you can just loot treasure without engaging with your enemies—the choice of tactics is yours. But remember: only one Commander or victorious Platoon will be left standing when the battle ends!

Unique Vehicles

When the event begins, go to the Steel Hunter Garage through the drop-down menu right to the “Battle” button. There you will find three special vehicles to choose from: one from the USA, one from Germany, and one from the USSR. Choose one of these unique tanks and click the “Battle” button to start your exciting combat journey!

Each of these vehicles can be upgraded in stages from Tier I to Tier VIII, even during battle. You can earn Battle XP for these upgrades by looting treasures, destroying and damaging enemies.

Loot & Airdrops

One of your main tasks is to collect loot: special objects that periodically spawn on the map in predetermined areas. They offer great advantages over your adversaries and speed up your game progression.

You’ll soon find that loot delivered by air, or Airdrops, are the most valuable loot you can obtain. Many players will want to get their hands on them, so you’ll have to push yourself to the limit to beat the competition and retrieve them. Both loot and Airdrops will be further explained in a later article.

Radio Detection Mechanics

Radio Detection is an exclusive tactical mechanic displaying stationary loot points, as well as enemy tanks, on the mini-map. It is activated manually using the “X” key. But beware: using Radio Detection will instantly reveal your current position on the mini-map at the time of activation to all players within the detection radius too.

Vision & Aiming Mechanics

The system of visibility in the Steel Hunter mode is new to World of Tanks and based on the principle of cone visibility. Your visibility cone will be depicted on the mini-map, and only the opponents and loot within it will be visible.

But if the enemy comes to you close enough, they will automatically become visible, as in all other regular modes of World of Tanks.


In Steel Hunter, 4 unique types o consumables are available:

  • Turbocharger: Temporarily increases the maximum speed and acceleration of the tank
  • Recovery: Restores a fixed amount of HP
  • Target-Tracking: Increases aiming speed, gun stabilisation and other combat parameters
  • Repair Kit: Repairs all damaged modules, like Large Repair Kits in Random Battles


In addition to consumables, you can activate global Abilities, including:

  • Recovery Zone: Repairs all damaged modules, like Large Repair Kits in Random Battles
  • Airstrike: Allows you to attack opponents with bombs falling from an aeroplane
  • Trap: Creates a temporary zone in which enemy tanks are slowed down
  • Smoke Screen: Creates a smokescreen hiding you from enemies

Ranks & Rewards

Climb through 25 Ranks to progress and earn increasingly attractive rewards, including:

  • A projection decal
  • Two unique 2D-styles
  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • Medals
  • Badges
  • Days of WoT Premium Account