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Specials for March (EU): Sneak Peek

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March is almost here and it will be filled with Specials. Don’t forget that Frontline will be back for yet another week, from March 11 to March 18, you will have the opportunity to level their Prestige to Level 4.

March Specials

Xtra ProgressGeneral MaintenanceTeam EffortTo the Front!St. Patrick's DayXP FeverEnter the SpringChoose Your Difficulty

2–5 March: Once again, XP means Xtra Progress with this special full of rewarding missions for every tier.


Great sums of XP

5-9 March: Spring is coming, which gives you the perfect occasion to clean your tanks and barracks. General Maintenance has seen a couple of refreshing changes. Look forward to winning XP, consumables, and Personal Reserves!


Missions with plenty of rewards 

9-12 March: Take one for the team with this special, and enjoy great discounts on training your crews and resetting skills.


Crew-related discounts

12-16 March: On the front, consistency is key. Show your talents on the long-run with this new special, featuring various rewards.


Personal Reserves up for grabs

16-19 March: Whether you’re Irish or not, it’s time to party with us. Fortunately enough, most tanks are already covered in green!


x4 XP on your first victory of the day

19-23 March: The weather is getting better, but the fever always lies outside. Catch the XP fever once again this month.


XP, XP, and… XP!

23-30 March: Forget about winter… spring is coming. We welcome the new season with a big chain of missions, so take the chance to stock some consumables, as well as garage and barrack slots. You might even get something extra along the way!


A huge chain mission with massive rewards

30 March-2 April: We will finish the month with a bang, or maybe a bet. Once again, the greater the battle, the better the rewards. Do you think you’re up to the task?


Up to +150% XP per battle