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Special (EU): Tiger Day Bonuses & Discounts

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Every year, the Bovington Museum, which also organises the Tankfest, celebrates a very special kind of vehicle for Tiger Day. You’ve guessed it: the big cats we’re talking about here are made of metal, they pack a gun and move on tracks.

So let’s join them in this celebration with a great victory bonus for all the Tiger tanks out there! That includes the Heavy Tank No. VI and the VK 45.03, in case you were wondering. Plus, thanks to Tiger Day, you can take the opportunity to add the iconic Tiger 131 and its Brothers in Arms crew to your garage. This tank is a formidable trainer for your German heavies!

Tiger Day Mission – 27-29 April


  • x2 XP on your battle


  • Win a battle


3 thoughts on “Special (EU): Tiger Day Bonuses & Discounts

  1. If i already own the Tiger 131 and i buy this package. Will get the Crew and Gold compensation for the tank ? Or will i have 2 tanks ?

  2. Tiger6 is great and 131 is just the same with slight ammo change and a hint more (useuless) radio

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