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Sneak Peek (EU): What is coming in January 2019?

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Are you ready for 2019? Want to know what is coming up? Aside from the Holiday Ops up to mid-January, you can count with loads of specials and new vehicles.


January Specials

  • 5-7 January: Start 2019 with a bang with a x4 multiplier for each vehicle first victory.
  • 12-14 January: Need even more Experience? Enjoy a x2 multiplier for all your victories.
  • 15-18 January: Preparation for the weekend with a new special event, win consumables, Personal Reserves and even equipment.
  • 19-21 January: Your crews are now well rested after the holiday season! Crew is Crucial special is back with a x3 Crew XP multiplier per battle.
  • 22-25 January: New vehicles are incoming so you might need some garage slots! 50% off all Garage slots and missions featuring a lot of consumables.
  • 26-28 January: XP Fever weekend is here again! Loads of great sums of experience can be earned during this special weekend.
  • 29 January-1 February: Because the end doesn’t mean it can’t be good, get ready to grind even faster with a special where you can gain experience for all tiers.