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September On Track – Obj. 140 & T110E3 – NA Server

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Hello everyone,

Just a heads up for all readers out there in the NA Server, if you haven’t noticed WG NA has been sharing a lot of information upfront, so players are aware of what is coming. The On Track event is coming back, and the next two vehicles that will be available with discounts are:

  • Object 140 – Russian Tier X Medium – Sept. 2 to 16
  • T110E3 – American Tier X Tank Destroyer – Sept. 16 to 30

So if you are planning to buy any of these tanks, just wait a bit more. Plus, don’t forget that all tanks from that line will also be available with discounts. I’ll publish more details once they come out.


15,466 thoughts on “September On Track – Obj. 140 & T110E3 – NA Server

  1. I hope the MT-25 is included in this On Track. I had unlocked it and I am just waiting for a discount to take it. But I think they will use the line of T-34-85. We will see it tomorrow.

  2. Last time there was an On-Track for the Object 140, they included the 3 Light Tanks from tier VI to VIII, but it seems it’s only the Mediums this time, at least according to the in game Mission list.

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