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Sandbox Test: Crew 2.0 Feedback & Reactions

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Testing of Crew 2.0 on Sandbox is now complete and Wargaming will have to get their thinking hat back on! A lot of questions, comments and suggestions were given by players, clearly showing the suggested model wasn’t good enough.

It became obvious to Wargaming that Crew 2.0 requires further improvements, therefore, the main changes proposed in the current Sandbox will not be released. This proves that, if the Community gets together as a whole, some positive changes might be achieved.

Of course, now Wargaming will require more time to think, redesign and improve Crew 2.0 and come up with a new version, that will be put up to test again on Sandbox.

Preliminary Results

The preliminary survey results and direct feedback revealed that the proposed changes did not receive the approval we were expecting from the community. Many players pointed out the need for significant changes and improvements to Crew 2.0. Some of the players agree with the idea of changing the crew, but they still have several concerns regarding the proposed version. Parts of the player base did not like the concept at all, and their feedback largely points to the same concerns as mentioned before.

Main Discussion Topics

  • Experience of “0-skill is not taken into account in the conversion 
  • No bonus to crew qualifications for a fully trained commander 
  • Randomness in the choice of instructor skills 
  • Effectiveness of different skills in new and old systems 
  • Unnecessary crews remaining from the old system. 

What’s next?

Wargaming is now processing all the data collected in the Sandbox. They will go over it in detail, and then try to develop solutions that will address concerns and bring satisfaction for all types of players. Depending on the results of this work, they will decide on a possible second iteration of testing Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox server.