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Sandbox: Sunny Valey Changes

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Hello everyone,

Sandbox map Sunny Valey was changed in order to improve gameplay. This map is one of the two new maps tested for 30vs30 with more than 1 x 1 Km.

  1. Redesigned City: Heavy tanks could not fully use the old version because it consisted of a small number of sectors and large open spaces.
  2. Access to the central area of the map was restricted (castle).
  3. This area was lacking diversity. Added elements that allow for intense gameplay while still remaining open.
  4. Receptive re-spawns have been developed.


Sunny Valey Video

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15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox: Sunny Valey Changes

  1. I disliked this mode. Too much people per square meter, 30v30 means steamrolls were even more brutal.
    And fcking Tier 10, which I despise.

    Well.. As long as I’m not forced to play it and that it doesn’ interfere with /replace the Epic Normandy, I don’t really care about its presence.

  2. I really don’t understand why they remove access to the castle in mid tho. You’d think that they’d leave it to allow for some diverse plays or for encounter battles

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