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Sandbox: HE & SPG Changes Final Test

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The fourth and final Sandbox Test is arriving soon, where HE and SPG changes will be tested together. A small update was released today, introducing further rebalance to HE and SPG.

The testing of these two changes together means only one thing, Wargaming is getting them ready to be released later this year. Both HE and SPG Sandbox test had positive feedback from the community, meaning these can now be tweaked and introduced to the game.

When and how, we still don’t know yet, but most probably mid-year or early Autumn. More information soon with details of the latest Sandbox.


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15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox: HE & SPG Changes Final Test

  1. So they didn’t come up with something for the crew yet? I hope they don’t rush it and end up with a bad implementation.

  2. Not to worried about Arty updates, however the crew 2.0 in its current state will kill the game. I have spent 9 years getting my crews ready and they want to put them back to literally 50% with crap skills.
    Oh and then charge me to buy crew books….. No thank you Wg

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