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Sandbox 2021: HE Shell Mechanics Test Starts Today!

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The first Sandbox server with the revised HE shell mechanics starts today Monday, February 8. Remember, by participating you can get rewarded and you can test possible new changes coming to the game.

All features tested in the Sandbox Server are not guaranteed to be implemented and are subject to change.

Rewards for Participating in the Tests

During the test period, you will have access to special missions on the Sandbox server. By completing them, you can earn special Tokens. You will be able to exchange Tokens for the missions you complete during each test for useful rewards of your choice on the live servers before the start of the next Sandbox. Look out for more details on this later.

In the game’s main client, you’ll be able to exchange them for useful items of your choice:

  • A new 2D style*
  • Four unique decals**
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Personal Reserves for credits, Combat XP, Free XP, and Crew XP
  • Credits

* You can also get the 2D style for free. To do this, you need to actively take part in at least two Sandbox launches. The 2D style will become available in the Store during tests, not after the first iteration, but we will consider the player’s progress in the first tests when crediting it. More details on when the 2D style will be credited to players’ accounts will be available later.

** After each launch of the Sandbox, a new decal will become available to exchange for Tokens in the Store. All 4 decals will become available after the completion of the fourth and final iteration of testing. After the first launch of the Sandbox, it will be possible to exchange your Tokens for one unique decal (for testing the reworked HE shells). You’ll be able to purchase it as many times as you want.

How to Participate in Sandbox Tests

All players can join the test.
  1. Download the Sandbox launcher.
  2. Install the Sandbox client by launching the downloaded file. If you’re running the Game Center for the first time, you’ll have to authorize and restart the downloaded installation file.
  3. Wait until the Sandbox client is downloaded and installed.
  4. Head to the World of Tanks tab, select World of Tanks Sandbox, then click Play.

15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: HE Shell Mechanics Test Starts Today!

  1. yes please WG we need HE Shell rework. Im sick of all the HE60TPs and T110HE4s.

  2. If your gonna change HE you better change armor profiles too… atm HE is the best way to deal with silly uber tanks like the 279e and FV hull down. Same goes for arty they are the equalizers for these kinds to tanks.

  3. WG if you are going to fiddle about with shells fix the gold spamming.

  4. How was gold spamming solved ? Aside from making it so everyone can spam gold. All the gold spam does is make it so you dont have to really aim at “weak” spots jut press 2…

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