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Sandbox 2.0 – Artillery Balance & Changes – Are SPG Overpowered?

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Hello everyone,

I’m no Quickybaby or Jingles but… I still decided to do a small stream and uploaded to Youtube. Wargaming approved my Stream and last night I was live showing the Sandbox Server newest changes.

Remember: all changes are not final and may be altered, depending on the feedback from the tester community and in accordance with gathered statistics. This also could also mean part or all changes might not make it to the Live Server.

Sandbox 2.0 Objectives

New Vehicle Balance Goals

  • Increase the importance of armour in the game. Currently, armour is significantly less important than speed and firepower. We would like to make armour more relevant in battle.

Reduce the cost of mistakes made by players in battle.

  • We are going to encourage players to fight actively in battle. Increasing the role of armour will allow players to fight, without being afraid of going to the Garage right after being spotted, as to penetrate the tank from a distance will be much harder.

Decrease the risk of being focused from afar.

  • Increased armour importance should increase player survivability at far distances, even when focused by several enemies. Covering directions and focusing spotted vehicles will become less effective, because it’ll be harder to penetrate armour at long distances.

Decrease combat distance.

  • Long-range clashes should not be the ultimate way to win battles for the majority of vehicles. Vehicles should perform certain roles: shielding allies, soaking fire, pushing through the defence, etc.

Increase the gameplay variety.

  • Roles for different types of vehicles should be distinguishable and performing them should make the battles more diverse. When choosing a different class of vehicles, you should also be choosing a new distinct style of gameplay.

Improved gameplay experience.

  • The changes to armour penetration at a distance will encourage players to put in more effort if victory is to be achieved.