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Rheinmetall Skorpion G – Preview by Harkonnen

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Hello everyone,

Some of you asked if I could do a tank review, but in the blog, because you don’t like to watch the videos or because you just prefer reading it… Because of this, I decided to give it a try, even if I don’t have the tank yet. Remember this will be my first review here, let me know what you liked or disliked and what I can improve.


The development of the second generation self-propelled guns based on the Panther chassis was started by the company Rheinmetall in January 1943. The drawing of the 12,8cm Skorpion is dated 2.4.1943. The vehicle was never actually built.




With Skills & Perks



Armour its not a strong point for this tank destroyer, just like in the second German tank destroyer line. So remember, because you are a fast tank doesn’t mean you have to be in the front line. The tank was design to be a sniper/support role, not a brawler in the front. Weak side armour means you won’t be able to sidescrap, again this will be the same play style as a Borsig or WT PzIV, you get in a corner, shot and hide straight away, don’t try to bounce an enemy shell because you won’t be able to.

Camouflage is not great, but it’s decent. Don’t think because it’s a Panther chassis, it will be as bad as a Panther, no, it’s a tank destroyer remember? To compensate this equip the tank with a Camouflage Net, this will enable you to stay at the back and have extra camouflage behind a bush while sniping your enemies. Take every opportunity you have to punish your enemies for their mistakes, the 490 average damage will make them think twice before they expose themselves again. The tank and turret traverse speed are not great, but this is actually good. Aside from compensating each other, slower traverse speeds means your gun handling will be better, the “bloom” from moving your gun will be average and this will enable you to turn around and take that shot almost as soon as you have the enemy in your gun sight.

Use your mobility to change positions quickly so you can support any flank that needs. A top speed of 60 km/h enables you to go straight into good ambush positions at the beginning of the game, once your team starts to push a flank, move around and find a position where you can support them. Remember to keep your distance from your enemies, always try to be at 350m away or more, by doing this you will be able to use your speed to retreat to a better position if needed. Remember that your ground resistances wont enable you to quickly get to your top speed.

The Good & Bad


  • Great Aiming Time (2.01s)
  • Excellent Accuracy (0.29)
  • Very good Top Speed (60 km/h)
  • Turret rotates 360 degrees
  • Good gun depression (-7 degrees)


  • Lack of armour (30/16/20)
  • Average camouflage
  • Not very manoeuvrable because of ground resistance
  • Big gun dispersion while on the move
  • Very weak radio (410m)
  • Crew doesn’t have a loader. It’s the Commander, so it might be awkward to train crews.

Tank Comparison & Credit Maker Ability

Compared to other tanks, it might be weaker in certain aspects, but it will be better with others. For a comparison with the Kanonenjagdpanzer and the Rhm.-Borsig just click here.

When it comes to make credits, this is the new Type 59. Even on average games you will be able to do credits. But if you have a good game you’ll see the credits go up very quickly.

Should you buy it?

Reasons to buy:

  1. You’re a Tank Collector
  2. You’re looking for that decent premium to make credits
  3. You’re grinding a German TD line
  4. It’s better than the alternative: Kanonenjagdpanzer
  5. It looks cool

Reasons NOT to buy:

  1. You don’t like German TD’s
  2. You’re a scrub lord and don’t want to support WG in anyway
  3. You already have several Premium tanks that are good money makers
  4. You don’t like the Rhm.Borsig or similar tanks
  5. You don’t have money!

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  2. Not a single bit as been taken from your article… Sorry to disappoint you. Its difficult to have pros and cons different if the tank is the same, and to be honest I didn’t even knew you made a review also. -_-

  3. Interestingly the black cross on the side of the turret is an emblem and can be replaced by the emblems you can buy for gold. Kind of strange since this isn’t an option on the other tanks with unique paint schemes.

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