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Ranked Battles: Season I Start & Discounts!

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Ranked Battles have started today for the European server and with them, Wargaming decided to give us all one nice discount. From 19 February at 06:00 to 26 February at 06:00 CET, you can enjoy a full 30% discount on all Tier VIII, IX and X regular vehicles.


Time to start that grind and save some credits, even if you don’t want to play Ranked Battles because it’s not every day we get an opportunity to save 30% on high tiers.

Ranked Battles Details


  • A season is a time period, when the Ranked Battles are available. Each separate season may differ in regulations and rewards.
  • Stage: a season can be divided into stages; each one has a particular duration. Following the end of a stage, the results of the Season Leaders are saved, while the ranks get reset.
  • Rank is a progress element within a season. Ranks are earned for an account: they do not depend on vehicles used for earning them.
  • Chevron is a progress element that determines the “distance” to the next rank or vehicle rank point. Depending on the battle results, a player can earn, lose, or retain a chevron. The number of chevrons between ranks and vehicle rank points may vary.
  • Rank that can be lost: a rank a player can lose (go to a lower rank) when losing a chevron.
  • Permanent rank: a rank that is secured and a player cannot lose it (within the current stage) even if a chevron is lost.
  • Points: each new rank or vehicle rank point earns a particular number of points; the total number of points determines the position of the player among the Season Leaders.
  • Season Leaders is a leaderboard that distributes the participants of the Ranked Battles depending on the earned points and other performance indexes. To get placed on the Season Leaders board, a player should earn a particular number of points within the current season.
  • League: the leaderboard of Season Leaders divided into three leagues that correspond to players’ battle performance.
  • Ceasefire: a particular period of day, when the Ranked Battles mode is unavailable on the current server.
  • Crates with rewards are crates that contain the rewards received upon opening them.
  • Prime Time is a particular period of day, when the Ranked Battles mode will be available for playing on particular servers.
  • Ranked Battles Efficiency is the ratio of battles in which a chevron was received to the total number of Ranked Battles fought within a season.
  • Ranked Battles Calendar displays the Prime Time and Stage periods on servers.
  • Base Experience is experience that is earned in battle without Premium Account, Clan and Personal Reserves. It is displayed in the Team Result tab in the battle results.
  • Rank Shield is a functionality that allows retaining particular ranks even in case of losing a chevron (the shields have durability).

How to Participate

  • The Ranked Battles Season 1 starts on 19 February.
  • To participate in the mode, any Tier X vehicle is required.
  • To play in the Ranked Battles mode, players need to select it in the battle mode selector in the Garage.
  • The Ranked Battles are available only within the Prime Time on particular servers that can be changed during the season:
    • Monday–Friday:
      • EU1: 16:00 – 23:00 CET (UTC+1)
    • Saturday & Sunday:
      • EU1: 15:00 – 23:00 CET (UTC+1)

Format and Duration


  • The Ranked Battles are played in seasons.
  • The Ranked Battles are played 15×15 (Standard battle).
  • Battle duration is 15 minutes.
  • Victory conditions: destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base.
  • The matchmaker works similarly to the matchmaker in Random Battles. Additionally, it considers ranks, when assembling teams.
  • Available maps: Karelia, Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, Prokhorovka, Ensk, Lakeville, Mines, Murovanka, Siegfried Line, Abbey, Westfield, Sand River, El Halluf, Airfield, Fjords, Fisherman’s Bay, Arctic Region, Highway, Serene Coast, Tundra, Windstorm, Paris, Pilsen.
  • Platoons are not available in this mode.
  • The economy in the mode is similar to that of the Random Battles.


  • The first season will last 21 days and will not be divided into stages.
  • The mode is available from 19.02.2018 at 09:00 until 12.03.2018 at 09:00 CET (UTC+1).
  • The exact schedule of the mode availability can be found in the game.


  • Places I–III on the winning team will earn 2 chevrons.
  • Places IV–X on the winning team (and whoever is place I on the losing team) will earn 1 chevron.
  • Places XI–XV on the winning team and places II–V on the losing team will retain a chevron.
  • Places VI–XV on the losing team will lose a chevron.
  • A draw is considered to be lost by both teams.
  • If several players earned the same amount of experience, all of them earn/retain a chevron (i.e. the players with the same amount of earned experience).
  • In case of extremely low battle performance (the amount of the earned experience is 0) a chevron will be lost irrespective of the battle outcome.


  • 15 ordinary ranks are available.
  • Ranks 1 and 15 are permanent.
  • Number of chevrons required per rank:


  • If the current rank is shielded and the shield has sufficient durability, the player can retain the rank even when losing a chevron.
  • The shield durability is decreased after losing a chevron in a battle.
  • An earned chevron will completely restore the shield durability.
  • At rank 5, the shield will completely lose durability after three battles, in which the rank should have been lost.
  • At rank 10, the shield will completely lose durability after two battles, in which the rank should have been lost.
  • At rank 13, the shield will completely lose durability after one battle, in which the rank should have been lost.


  • The matchmaker attempts to assemble the teams with the maximum difference of two ranks. If the conditions cannot be met, the rank threshold is extended.
  • Teams will always consist of an equal number of players of a particular rank.
  • When assembling the teams, the matchmaker does not consider the points.
  • If the matchmaker is unable to assemble the teams during 5 minutes, the battle will not be created and the players will be sent to the Garage.


  • Each new rank earns 1 point.
  • Each new vehicle rank earns 1 point.
  • A point is received only for a new rank. If the same rank is achieved repeatedly, a point will not be received.

Vehicle rank points

  • Upon achieving rank 15, players are able to earn vehicle rank points.
  • Vehicle rank points are unlimited.
  • After earning a vehicle rank point, the chevron progress starts anew at the same rank.
  • Vehicle rank points are not bound to a particular vehicle; they are shared by all vehicles.
  • The number of chevrons between the vehicle rank points is five.

Season Leaders

  • Player’s position on the Season Leaders depends on the total number of points earned within a season.
  • If several players have the same number of points, other parameters are successively compared:
    • Ranked Battles Efficiency
    • Average damage in the mode
    • Average experience (considering the Premium Account)
    • Damage caused by player’s assistance
  • If all five parameters are equal, all players will belong to the league of the highest shared position.
  • The leaderboard of the Season Leaders will be available in the game client and on the portal on 19 February at 18:00 CET (UTC+1).
  • The leaderboard will be built if at least 10 players joined it.
  • The leaderboard will be updated daily.
  • To be placed on the leaderboard, 6 points should be earned points, earned within the season.
  • The Season Leaders will be divided into 4 groups:
    • League I: top 10% of players
    • League II: next 15% of players
    • League III: next 25% of players
    • Players, who are not among the Season Leaders.

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