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Ranked Battles: Map Rotation Issues?

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Hello everyone,

Ranked battles have certainly brought a lot of discussion to the Forums and other media. While it was an highly expected feature, Improved Equipment and Bonds did create a black cloud above it, with part of the Community against it and others welcoming it.

Now that we are a few days in after the launch of the Beta Season, players started reporting one issue: the more they progress in the ranks, the more they get the same map. This is a know issue and Wargaming has talked about it:

When we launched Ranked Battles, we wanted players to get into battle as quick as possible with other players of their corresponding Rank. Unfortunately, the new map rotation mechanism introduced in 9.18 would significantly increase the waiting time in the queue Therefore, we decided in favour of reducing the waiting time to get into a battle. This is still a Beta Test and we will certainly take note of players feedback and take care of all problems that might appear.

I’ve noticed this almost as soon as I ranked, I was getting the same map, over and over again, the only thing it was changing was the side I was on. Hopefully more players will start playing Ranked Battles and Wargaming might be able to fix this issue.

But my issue with Ranked Battles isn’t the map rotation, is in fact how some (a lot) battles are developing into an entire team going to a single spot in the map…

I need more time playing and testing to come into my own opinion about Ranked Battles, so I’ll talk about this in more detail in a few days.

15,466 thoughts on “Ranked Battles: Map Rotation Issues?

  1. “But my issue with Ranked Battles isn’t the map rotation, is in fact how some (a lot) battles are developing into an entire team going to a single spot in the map…”

    Strength is in numbers and camping is an advantage. Ranked players are experienced enough to know these.

  2. Overloading a flank is quite successful in ranked battles. Matchmaking is the biggest problem : Mediums and Heavies in the same MM cl*** tend to cause pretty awkward teams as there are less TD and scouts around. For instance, 8 vs 2 heavies is not balanced. Second worst issue: rewards and credit income is not very motivating. If you’re not getting your chevrons you’re going to lose a lot of credits trying. Third: close games are rare. I experienced a lot of landslides, which makes your personal effort rather ineffective. If you happen to get losing streak ranked battles are quickly not very motivating …

  3. I think that the chevron system being too simple (12x +1, 6x 0, 12x -1) is negative to the mode, it encourages bad gameplay behaviour. A more nuanced system that removes the possible 0 score (5x +3, 5x +2, 5x +1, 5x -1, 5x -2, 5x -3) would encourage a “game winning” instead of an “least loosing” attitude that we see in ranked.

    Good gameplay should also be rewarded, medals should give a chevron payout, the games could also have a net positive chevron count instead of a 0, rewarding players that have slightly above average winrates (50% to 53%) for investing time and effort to reach higher ranks.

    The system could give small bond payouts at random and for gameplay medals to encourage average players to participate. Even though I personnaly think the rewards should be mostly cosmetic, the game does need endgame content to declutter Tier 10 random battles.

  4. “I hope mpre players will join Ranked Battles”
    At the moment this is higly unlikely as i have read on the forums that players are trying to boycott the game mode due to the new gear/directives being available in random.

  5. Camping is an advantage? Strength is in skill and team play not in numbers. You must be either a tomato or a red line re-roller to have this mentality, one of the players that play to lose and be top 3 instead of playing as a team and win. GL in p***ing rank 3 :))

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