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TDB Home » Polish Tier VI Premium Medium Tank Pudel: Initial Stats

Polish Tier VI Premium Medium Tank Pudel: Initial Stats

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Initial Stats

Tier VI Medium Tank
Hit Points
Hull Armour 85 / 50 / 40
Turret Armour 100 / 45 / 45
Shell Avg. Penetration 150 / 194 / 38
Shell Avg. Damage 135 / 135 / 175
Reload Time 4.2
Rate of Fire 14.29
Aiming Time 2.3s
Average Damage per Minute 1 928
Accuracy 0.35
Turret Traverse Speed 30
Traverse Speed 30
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 55 / 20
View Range 370

15,466 thoughts on “Polish Tier VI Premium Medium Tank Pudel: Initial Stats

  1. So a fast medium, compared with Cromwell B it gains 90 hit points and a bit of armor that is only effective when top tier really, plus 5mm more AP penetration and 10m view range. On the other hand, it loses 9km top speed 22deg traverse, 10deg turret traverse, 300dpm, 0.1 aimtime and is a bigger target.

    It might be better to compare it to a Fury, where the polish tank has 22 more pen, much better dispersion, 13 more top speed, 90 more hit points and more hull armor. It still has 15deg worse traverse, 10deg less turret traverse, much worse turret armor (fury now has 175) and 200 less dpm.

    Hmm I do like higher pen and mobility but unless it has great soft stats I cant see why someone would want this instead of a Bromwell or Type 64 other than to train a polish crew.

  2. Yeah, just read up on it, its one of three captured Panthers during the Warsaw uprising of 1944. pretty much exactly a VK30.02M with slightly worse dispersion, dpm and turret traverse.

  3. Or compare it with Panther M10 which has same top tier mm 😉

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