World of Tanks

World of Tanks Update 1.8: Preload


Update 1.8 is soon to hit the live servers on 5th of March, with a bunch of highly anticipated features. For those who want to experience the new update the moment it hits, preload is your best friend. From 28th of February onwards, you can preload the patch in advance to make sure you will be among the first of Commanders to hit the battlefield in a new environment. Just make sure you have 1.2GB of space in your hard drive,  capisce?

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  1. According to an article on TAP, the Battle Pass was remnoved from 1.8. So what exactly are the “highly anticipated features” mentioned?

    1. My bad, after some digging, it seems that information was first conveyed at wotexpress. While the reputation of that site is pristine, I do not have any sort of information about it being cancelled.

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