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Panhard EBR 75: Rebalanced in Common Test 1.4

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Update: I’ve double checked the information and these changes aside from not being 100% correct were all implemented in Common Test 1.4 and I’ve reported on them. Sorry for the mistake, I should have double checked the information instead of publishing it directly from WOT Express.

The French light armoured car Panhard EBR 75 will be available from tomorrow, but not without some unannounced changes. As all other armoured cars got rebalanced before being released to the live server, the Panhard EBR 75 was no exception and received some buffs but also some massive changes to the engine.

List of Changes

  • Gold Price changed to 7,000
  • Speed boost removed.
  • Rate of fire increased from 10.17 to 10.91 (rpm)
  • Magazine reloading time decreased from 10.3  to 9.5 (s)
  • Average damage per minute increased from 1,780 to 1,909 (dpm)
  • Dispersion increased from 0.35 to 0.36
  • Maximum speed in speed mode decreased from 85/85 to 80/80 (km/h)
  • Maximum wheel angle increased from 25 to 33 (deg)
  • Engine power increased from 500 to 525 (hp)
  • Power/weight ratio increased from 30.00 to 35.00 (hp/t)
  • Transition time to speed/manoeuvrable modes decreased from 0.2 to 0.1 (s)
  • Concealment on Stationary/Moving vehicle increased from 18.81 / 4.4 to 19.67 / 4.6 (%)

Overall, the vehicle will be less mobile, more manoeuvrable and stealthy,  while at the same time a bit less accurate but with faster reloading times. If you were one of the lucky players who got the opportunity to test the vehicle during Christmas 2018, you will definitely notice these changes, so be prepared for them if you are planning on adding this vehicle to your collection.

15,466 thoughts on “Panhard EBR 75: Rebalanced in Common Test 1.4

  1. I don’t like that they took the speed from this car. It was the one thing it had going for it.

  2. if you have played any of the french wheelies, you’ll know that they still go fast as **** even with “only” 33hp/ton

  3. wow holy sht from 53/to 33 wtf is this they really fued up this tank it’s a hard nerf to the mobiliti 😮

  4. As it was written in the forums (and you may also check original HP was never 800hp. I dont know where they pulled this number out. Anyway for anyone fearing “bad mobility” it is comparable to the lynx, so certainly is very good already.
    All in all i consider these changes a buff, not a nerf.

  5. Reduced mobility? At least it will keep the suicide scouters in the game for a few seconds more!

  6. It’s apparent that it’s always easier to blindly blame the devs rather than check one’s own facts.
    In actuality, HP has slightly been buffed from 500 to 525. 😛

  7. I’ve actually ran the information and found these changes were implemented in CT 1.4. Some of the stats were wrong too, so seems the Russian sources were wrong. I’ve updated the article to reflect these.

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