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No Compensation on LTP Bundle?

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Update #1 – 10/08/2017

This article has an update, please click here to read it.

Some times Wargaming does have some nice bundles, and this time they are offering a free LTP, Tier III Russian Light Tank, for anyone who buys 30 Days of Premium Account.


So far, so good, but problems will start as soon as anyone decides to buy this bundle and already has a LTP in their garage. According to gottwy, players will not receive any compensation in form of Gold or Credits. His viewers gifted him with two of these bundles, when he accepted them he got 30 Days of Premium Account and a Garage Slot for each gift.

On saturday I received double gift from viewers containing 30 Days of premium + LTP tank. When I accepted it I received only 60 days of prem. + 2 garage slots (I had LTP prior to this). No credits or gold. So I wrote to WG support and they responded with something like this “We are sorry but LTP in that package is only bonus for people who don’t have it yet. If you already own that tank there is no compensation”.

This was NOT said on their eshop. Pretty dick move from WG if you ask me.

Here is proof, but it is in Czech so you probably won’t understand anything.

Wargaming Response.


Reading this, I’ve checked the Premium Shop and there isn’t any information that if a player already owns a LTP, he won’t receive it. It’s to my believe that if this is the case, then players should receive either the Gold or Credit value of the tank, but being a paid good it should be 850 Gold.

I’ve contacted Wargaming in regards of this, and I will update the article with any new information as soon as I get it.

Source: World of Tanks Reddit

15,466 thoughts on “No Compensation on LTP Bundle?

  1. Thanks Harkonne for sharing this I was about to write you message about it but you were faster :-).

    Today they responded me with that this bundle is bundle of **premium time + bonus tank** not **tank + premium time** so they won’t refund me. According to them if it was tank + bonus premium time they would refund me.

    So I wrote to them that I want 340 000 credits atleast. Because if they stated in gift shop that I would not receive any compensation I would sell my LTP for 170 000 credits, accept gift, sell LTP again and accepted second gift. That would result in me having 340 000 credits and LTP.

    And as I was writing this they refused. “There is no compensation for this tank as it is only bonus to premium time.There is no possibility of refund from our side in credits or gold.”

  2. I find it strange why they don’t compensate with Gold or Credits… They always done it with all other bundles, not sure why this one is special…

  3. Also Harkonnen I am not sure if it is just me but I am seeing your article end like this “It’s to my believe that if this is the case, them players should”

    On both Chrome and Opera. I feel like the rest of the sentence disappeared somewhere.

  4. I actually understand their point of view (boy, I’m going to get some flak for this). You are paying for a gold package and receive the tank as a bonus, but you are *not* paying for a gold package and the tank.

  5. Yeah, but what about other times where they offer tanks with other goods? You still get the gold value, bundles with lower Tier tanks existed in the past with “buy this, get that one for free as a bonus” still got the Gold value. They should put a warning if this was the case, instead of just telling people after they bought it or got it as a gift.

  6. Post updated. Something is wrong with WordPress Servers, I’ve to try to post an article 5 times for it to show up… **sigh**

  7. Not surprised. Wargaming is showing as time goes on that they care about nothing but money.

  8. When gold from marathon for t-34 85m?

    PS. Please make a Pudel test/review. THX!

  9. I’ve wondered about this situation for over a year when every time of open the Premium Shop I’d see the bundle available, yet couldn’t find the compensation information. Glad I didn’t take a chance on it.

  10. Oh, I agree with you and they should definitely be more consisted with their behavior (in general, not just with the packages). I was just saying I would understand their reasoning if they wouldn’t.

  11. I’ve bought just only ltp+5000 gold in asisa sub
    And I’ve got 5000 gold + 850 gold (because I had ltp)
    I guess it happens in only 30 premium + ltp pack or in other subs?

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