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New French Heavy Tanks: What are they?

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Wargaming decided to share a little more detail about a new mini French heavy branch that could be coming soon. While we could see the tanks in HD and what it looks like their final stage, there weren’t any details to what vehicles they are.

Thanks to Volcanares and Dreamer, two longtime readers for sharing all this information about which possible tanks we could be seeing in the game.

Tier VIII – AMX 65t

New French Tank
Tier VIII – AMX 65t

The AMX 65t was the easiest one, Wargaming announced this tank on Supertest back in 2016 and most probably is just reusing it to fill up the branch. I applaud them for this, as it’s better to have more regular tanks than just another Premium. No, it’s not another fantasy tank, and there are detailed documents about it.

AMX 65t

The AMX 65t will fit Tier VIII position without any difficulties, while a pike-nose can make it a little bit different from its predecessor, it will still feel like a natural successor.

FAMH Turret
AMX 65t FAMH Turret

The AMX 65t will have a strong turret, good frontal armour, but less mobility than the AMX 50-100. Still, it will be a great first tank to the alternative branch.

Tier IX & X: What are they?

Tiers IX and X is where me, Volcanares and Dreamer started to go a little bit mental about what they could be. The following image could very much describe us while talking about the subject.

How we looked like while looking for which tank is what.

Both Tier IX and X have what is called the T.C.B. turret on them, and both will be armed with a 120mm gun, most probably the 120 mm SA46, or something very similar.


But, what will make these tanks different is the hull, and on Wargaming video, we can see the AMX M4 49 hull is being used. Now the main question is: which one? In my opinion, we will see the Tier IX with a similar hull to the Tier VIII AMX M4 mle. 49, with armour values in between 190 to 220mm. The tank would use the AMX 65t turret as the stock turret, while equipped with the same 100mm gun and use the T.C.B. turret fitted with a 120mm gun as the top configuration.

AMX M4 49 with FAMH Turret

 At Tier X we might see one of these two hulls: Char M4 ESSAIS or Char M4 ETUDES, with the T.C.B. turret fitted with a 120mm gun.


The first has one of them has an extra layer of armour attached to the upper and lower frontal hull, while the second the frontal hull was made thicker. The armour value on these hulls could go up between 220 to 280mm mm thick, making the tank a slower but heavily armoured alternative to AMX 50 B. If you look closely at the Tier X picture, you can see the same hull shape used on these two proposals.

New French Tank 3
French Heavy Tank Tier IX – AMX M4 mle. 51

Other alternatives?

Other tanks were suggested while we were talking about these tanks, AMX 70t, AMX 50 TCB or AMX 50 Surblindé, but we all came to the conclusion these aren’t any of these vehicles. Why? Mainly because of the hull shape, just have a look at some examples.

I’ve reached Wargaming in regards of these tanks, trying to get more details and even their official names, but I got told they would share more about them closer to release. I guess we will have to wait for a while more, who knows, maybe they will come before the end of 2017?

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