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Mission Marathon: T25 Pilot – All Servers

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Hello everyone,

T25 Pilot Mission Marathon will run from 12 March at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) until 27 March at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) (EU Server). Also remember I’ll be doing a review on the tank very soon, so you can decide if it’s worth your time.

Update #2

Marathon is now available for NA Server too. Tokens cost $2.49 or you can buy five tokens for $12.45 or just the tank for $32.37.

Update #1

According to what I’ve been able to find, Tokens cost £1.89/€2.15 and they will be available as a single token, bundle with five tokens for £9.44/€10.75, or a bundle with all 13 tokens for the tank for £24.84/€28.30.


So what do you have to do? Just a simple daily mission? Well, it does start easy but in order to complete the marathon and win the prize, you will have to finish 13 missions. There will be one mission available per day, which means that you will have to complete them on 13 different days. The missions will be updated on a daily basis.

The marathon will run for 15 days, and you need only 13 mission tokens, so you can miss 2 days and still win. As usual, there will also be a fail-safe option available in the Premium Shop, in case you miss more than 2 missions or can’t participate at all.

Mission Tokens – FAQ

Is there any difference between a player achieving the token in-game by playing or if they just buy the token from the Premium Shop?

Yes, there is: finishing the mission in-game will also get you extra rewards.

What happens if a player buys only one token but at the end of the event they do not have all the other tokens to finish the whole marathon?

All unused Tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 600 gold each between 27 March and 27 May.

If I buy a Token, will I still be able to play the currently active Daily Mission?

Yes, you will be able to play the Mission.

If I buy all 13 tokens and receive the tank, will I still be able to play the Missions and get the rewards?

Yes, you can play all the missions and you will also get a reward for each that you finish, except the tokens.

What happens if a player buys let’s say 5 tokens in the Premium Shop but never finishes any daily missions?

Each of the 5 tokens will be compensated with 600 gold each, so the player will receive 3,000 gold in total. The compensation will be distributed between 27 March and 27 May.

What battle modes count towards the mission goal (random battles, team battles, others)?

Only battles fought in the Random Battle game mode will count towards the mission’s completion.

Will there be any way to check the number of tokens you have gathered?

The tokens sold in the Premium Shop cannot be tracked in the user interface (UI). However, the free tokens (tokens earned by completing the missions) can be tracked in the Missions window, together with the completed missions.

Do Premium tanks count towards the mission progress (damage/tanks destroyed)?

Yes, you can use Premium tanks and they will contribute to the mission’s progress, provided that they are at least Tier IV.

What if I buy 3 packages with 5 tokens each and get 15 tokens in total? As I need only 13 to finish the marathon, what will happen to the extra 2?

All excess, leftover or unused tokens purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 600 gold each between 27 March and 27 May.

15,466 thoughts on “Mission Marathon: T25 Pilot – All Servers

  1. Stupid questions… The real question is … how much for a token in premium shop?

  2. tokens from the Gift Shop from $2,69/£2.21/€2.35! thats what I got for now, could change a few cents each way depends on xrates!

  3. Review of the tank? For what reson? You should know that both FV4202(P) and T-44-100 were m***ively buffed after the release…

    Dowsnt matter how good is now.. the question is how good will be AFTER buff!

  4. Are you kidding me? When did the T-44-100 get buffed? FV, yes, but you’re wrong with the T-44-100, it’s the same tank since I got it at the marathon

  5. sorry prices cant be right, bundles are more expensive than the single token for € values, i guess the 2.35€ is wrong

  6. Interesting is that by these numbers the 5-token bundle is more expensive than five single token ….?! (12,74 Euro vs. 11,75 Euro) …. we will see …

  7. I’ve used the prices from Asia, just noticed I’ve made a mistake. Should be a bundles should be the same prices as multiple singles.

  8. If i earn some tokens but dont earn the tank will i get 600 gold per token?

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