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Hello everyone,

I usually don’t use mods to change my tank skins or models, and I heard a few weaks back about this modder by the name Milkyman, how he closed his blog and took all his work down. He came back after a break, now with some “rules” where he is trying not to get overwhelmed by his fans asking for him to do specific tanks.

And that is the way it should be, someone should do something like he does for fun and because they like it and not because people simply demand it, and in the majority of the time, not even saying “Thanks for that, great work.”…

I’ve also recently found out the is following The Daily Bounce, and I had a look at his work by curiosity. Oh man what I’ve been missing. If you never seen his work, here’s some pictures:

So, if you like to give World of Tanks a new look, get a few tanks in HD that aren’t yet available, just visit Milky’s Mod Shop.

His latest work is a black skin for the Rheinmetall Skorpion G, and it looks awesome. So don’t forget to support this guy, as he supports The Daily Bounce. If you like what he does, don’t forget to leave a comment and a thumbs up!


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