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Meet the HWK 30 & Get a Rental Code

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To date, the German tank line only has one Premium Tier VIII light, the leKpz M 41 90 mm. That isn’t the case anymore, as a brand new light tank, the HWK 30 arrives at the EU and NA Premium Shop.

Designed as an export vehicle and destined to Mexico, this tank never went past the drawing table. In World of Tanks, however, the HWK 30 will soon be known as a very capable combat vehicle. As a light tank, this guy will sneak to favourable positions in no time, where it excels with its outstanding view range of 410 m. If danger closes on the HWK 30, it will be able to defend itself thanks to its typical German accuracy, a short aiming time and APCR shells as default ammo.

The vehicle was proposed as a further development of the Ru 251 and primarily intended for export, particularly to Mexico. This variant inherited the same armour and armament from its predecessor but featured an elongated hull and an additional support roller. If you ever played the Ru 251 when it was back at Tier VIII, you will find yourself right at home with this vehicle.

Still undecided if you want to buy it? Why not give it a try? Grab one of ten codes for EU region or of five for the NA region. But make sure you are quick because it will be first come, first served! Please make sure you request a code for your region only, as I can’t exchange codes.

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  1. Hello. I would like a code for EU region please.
    Username: franar

  2. EU server
    Name: Sturmi_0545

    Much appreciated, keep up the good work 😉

  3. Guys, any keys I had were added to the campaigns, and as you might guess they go pretty quick. Sorry but I don’t have more, if I do get more, I’ll share them again.

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