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Improvements Coming to Asia: A Matchmaking Test and Bots

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World of Tanks Asia will receive an important and exclusive micro patch in an attempt to fix two issues: matchmaking and low tier player population. Wargaming is aware of two main issues, after considerate and thorough feedback gathering:

  • Long waiting times in the queue (especially at Tiers I to V) on the ANZ server
  • Current matchmaking is often not enjoyable for lower-tier tanks as there is a high ratio of battles in which tanks can feel ineffective

To try and solve these issues, Wargaming will live trial some changes to determine the ideal environment for players and an Asia-exclusive micro patch will be released on 13th November. The micro patch will introduce the following changes:

  • Tweaking the matchmaker to give more two-tier battles, rather than the most common three-tier battles in the 3-5-7 system
  • The addition of bots for Tier I to V battles on the ANZ server
This micro patch and its features will be only for the Asia server.

Matchmaker Tweaks

This micro patch aims to maximize players battlefield experience. It does this by addressing two key points for all tiers:

  • Improve the combat experience for all tanks
  • Switching priorities to decrease the number of battles where there are three tiers within a single battle

The trial matchmaker will switch its priority and increase the number of two-tier battles when compared to the classic 3-5-7. This means that there are new templates:

  • 6-9 (for Tiers X and IX)
  • 7-8 (for all Tiers) [Note: This will become the main template for all players]

Also, those who take to battle in preferential Premium vehicles will see an increasing amount of battles with vehicles the same or one-tier lower. While it will be possible to get into a battle with vehicles one-tier higher, these instances will be rarer due to switching priorities.

Please remember this is a trial, the first step to adjust and help create the future matchmaker architecture. At the moment there is no finalized date when the trial will end.


The decision to add bots was taken to make the game more convenient for those playing at the lower tiers. With adding more tanks and vehicles into the queue, those who are new to the game or starting a new tech tree will spend less time staring at the timer and more time in adrenaline-fueled battles!

In case you missed it before, here are all the details you need to know about the bot addition and how they will impact gameplay:

WAITING LIMIT:20 seconds (or more) before the matchmaker adds bots to a battle
HOW TO DISTINGUISH:Colon (“:”) and a special badge
MAPS PLAYED:Karelia, Prokhorovka, Mines, Redshire, Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Siegfried Line, Cliff, Sand River, El Halluf, Airfield, Mountain Pass, Mannerheim Line, Glacier, Serene Coast, Overlord

15,466 thoughts on “Improvements Coming to Asia: A Matchmaking Test and Bots

  1. At a glimpse this sounds very promising to me. Hope it works out, and if it does, it finds its way on other servers as well. I am incredibly sick of 3-5-7

  2. Seems like they are using ANZ as a test bed for the bots before they bring in a PVE mode for WoT. WoWs has had bots in a PVE mode since it started.

  3. Here’s hoping they bring the same templates and two-tier spread to all the other servers!

  4. Certainly would welcome the addition of bots to the lower tiers, as I find getting those new tech tree tanks a painful game of waiting. Especially, for those who cannot just rush grind through the tiers as soon as the tech tree comes up. This addition of bots would be very helpful, the overall increase of combat experience is decent as well. Of course, with a grain of salt…maybe not just a grain at this point after all we’ve been through.

  5. Bots have already been introduced in the LATAM cluster for the NA Region.

  6. my biggest wish ist a

    +1 -1 for normal tanks
    +0 -1 for smm tanks

    3 tiers battles kills fun totally

  7. But gives you more tanks to fight against, if you just have +1 -1 you would get bored of facing the same tanks after a while. I think MM problem is the templates, not the +2 / -2

  8. as a LATAM player (now called SA) i belive they didn’t added the bots as promissed, since my low tiers never found they

  9. I wouldn’t become bored at all. I’d rather enjoy having a chance to perform every battle rather than just roll on my side and die, cause I cant pen Maus on my t8 or Defender on t6 tank.

  10. if i wanna the other tanks i play other tiers.
    its more broing to me ro get raped with 8ts by 10s….

    hope that asian template comes to ru and eu also.
    thoughts on that?

    they can not argue that way for asia and let us stuck in that 3 5 7 3 tier ****

  11. i think mm real problem are expirienced/inexpirienced players. when give you beginers with top tank, and the enemy with the same tank – unikum player, than you know the result of game.
    if is only one player than you have chance. but some times its number high (8-9 ) players than you know.

  12. MM has alot of issues, and +-2 is the biggest one. The biggest innate problem is that however well you perform, you are at the mercy of your top tiers, if they fail, you fail 95% of the time and it is one of the biggest reasons why a game is snowballing out of control. I’ve had VERY few close games the last few days, and I have put in a m***ive amount of time to maybe have 2-3 close games of 100-200 games. There are quite few cl***es that can really perform on the +-2 and that is Light tanks and TD’s with good pen/dpm, and alot of premiums of course. At some tiers you get oneshotted by the tanks that you cannot even pen reliable in their weakspots. The MM has alot of other issues that they never will fix as balancing the teams based on skill and experience in some way. But the +2MM is an issue which has an super easy fix for them to do, if only they cared about making the game better, but for some reason they believe these imbalances that are giving them shorter games are resulting in more money, but I would disagree with this. As a relatively happy playerbase is not only healthy, it would incourage them to spend more money to a company they felt cared about them as their businessmodel is still really harsh to the wallet as it is. I really try to spend as little as I can nowadays because Im fed up on them ****ting on their playerbase time after time and dont want to encourage their lack of respect for their players.

  13. Imagine a close game. You remain with a bot and there are 2 humans. “Help me bot. Go in that position bot. Use prem ammo bot”. Is a very bad thing for the game. Personally I am a beast at tier 3, Will be the same for me. Many will grind wn8 with this bots. And the question is. What level will they have? Will they use food, prem ammo? If they, will not be fair for those who has not enough money at low tiers. So many questions and so much harm to the game will come. Belive in my words.

  14. Bots will only be added into the matchmaking queue in the lower tiers if no game is found after 20 seconds. As lots of people swarm to the lower tiers to farm wn8, they’ll only end up meeting other experienced players looking for the bots which because of them rushing will not be seen. Lol, it’ll die down soon.

  15. I think bot will only be matched into your game, when the ammount of human players is insufficient to fill two teams for a given time. I think seeing bots in your tier 3-5 games will remain a rarety. Best way to implement bots would be low tier scenario missions involving historically acurate tanks. Like a PvE Battle for Kursk, Tobruk or such battles. WoWs does it very very well and WoT should try to implement such a game type.

  16. proving ground is also a PVE mode that was previously avalible to tier 2 and tier 1 tanks for quite a while.

  17. I don’t think it’s kind of embarr***ing saying you’re a beast at tier 3 lol

  18. The bots were needed on the ANZ server. Ive only been playing about 3 months and I basically HAD to buy a T8 Premium to get a game. When I started I tried to get a game for over 2 hours a a night for three nights and just could not get a T1 game. I actually though I was doing something wrong. But no, just not enough players.

    So bots were definitely required for ANZ – at least if WG want new players.

    The new Matchmaker is just awesome.
    You actually get to play games you have a chance of winning in.
    On the ANZ server, if you were T8 you were always bottom tier and it was rarely fun.

    I’ve noticed numbers have gone up in the last few weeks when the bots and new experimental MM have been in.
    Not sure when the bots came (as I prety much only play T7 and up) but the 3-5-7 MM has been much rarer for a few weeks, all T8 games (not grand battles) have been on the ANZ server for a few weeks now.

    All these changes are great for the players and probably good for WG too, as they may get more players and players will stay and play longer.

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