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Supertest: M48A2 Räumpanzer – German Tier VIII Premium

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A second new German tank is ready for Supertest today:, M48A2 Räumpanzer. A variant of the American Patton, this German boasts excellent frontal armour for a medium, up to 254 mm in the turret and 152 mm in the hull.

In addition, its most noticeable feature, the shovel in front of the lower glacis plate, is in fact a screen which further improves the armour of this vehicle. Another of its strengths is survivability, all thanks to its 1450 HP. But for such great armour and HP, a price must be paid; this price is in its mobility. This German medium has a max speed of 40 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 13 hp per ton. On top of this, the tank has a traverse speed of 35 deg/s and a turret traverse speed of 30 deg/s.

Now let’s get down to the gun. This 90-mm armament boasts good penetration: 205 mm for a standard shell and 255 for an APCR. You’ll be able to get off 6.9 shots per minute dealing 240 damage per shot. The weapon stabilization is pretty decent, the aiming time is just 2 seconds and has a dispersion of 0.44 m at 100 m. What else are we forgetting? Oh yes, its gun depression is -9 degrees.

The M48A2 Räumpanzer behaves like a hybrid of a medium and a heavy on the battlefield. If necessary, this medium can survive a blow that would put another ally vehicle out of action. Plus, its gun allows for dealing regular damage, instead of high one-shot damage, and can be used to immobilize enemies, turning them into sitting Credit and XP piñatas.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: M48A2 Räumpanzer – German Tier VIII Premium

  1. Instantly reminds me of a certain Warhammer 40000 tank…

  2. This tank is basically a Super Pershing on steroids, better in almost every way.

    Since it was a former tier 10 tank that were downtiered into tier 8 with smaller gun and a freaking dozer blade, Iit will be a hell lotta OP tank.

  3. Supringsingly, this tank is historical accurate, the german army used this M48 Version when they got rearmed as a armored engineering vehicle.

  4. Surpringsingly this tank is historic accurate, it exists in the german army when were built up in the late 50’s and served as an armored engineered vehicle.

  5. Yeah… Its just having an M48 at Tier VIII that is strange… also, the “spade” has 20mm armour.

  6. Not sure if I’m a fan of the stats as they currently stand, but I will say that visual model looks absolutely gorgeous. Their artists have been knocking it out of the park with this sort of stuff lately!

    In particular, something is catching my eye here — looking at the ***ortment of kit on the back of the turret intrigues me, as a paint bucket, a tin with leftover paint in it, and a ladder/stool seem a bit unusual for a tank. (Rather cool, don’t get me wrong, but still odd.) Even though the bulldozer color matches the paint in the tin somewhat closely, it still makes me I wonder, is there a cultural/historical reference being made here as well?

  7. I’d buy it if you could use the blade to make your tank a little hole to get hull down in or use it to make ramparts.

  8. I just think it’s funny that he lists the reload time as 6.9seconds when in fact the stats from the picture state 8.7 seconds.

  9. The armor is beside the point. It could have 500mm of all round armor, yet that huge cupola of cancer will still get it demolished by any half competent player lol

  10. I imagine the turret front will be effectively weaker than the Super Pershing, since it’s not covered in layers of spaced armor. Plus that tumor of a cupola on the Räumpanzer.

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