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Supertest: LHMTV – British Tier VIII Light Tank

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The new Brits grow in speed, power and danger while keeping their size small and their camouflage effective. The LHMTV is no exception, boasting decent mobility (with a top speed of 63 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 33 hp/t) and an imposing 85-mm gun.

Moving onto firing characteristics: its rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute and its alpha — 230 points. You could say nothing to boast about, but it’s okay as the LHMTV has other things to boast about! Check it out: the armour penetration with a standard AP shell is 226 mm (which is outstanding for its tier) and a special APCR will pierce armour 258 mm thick.

Also consider this: the dispersion is 0.37 m at 100 m, while the aiming time is 2.2 s. Given its view range of 380 m, all these furnish a fine opportunity to deliver consistent damage. So, you’d better not miss the chance.

Just like other light Brits, the LHMTV can juggle two different playstyles. On the one hand, the viable mobility and small size allow it to excel at positional reconnaissance, while its superb gun makes it quite handy in a fire support role when not seen by the enemy. To succeed, however, you will need to show off your stealth skills and keep a close eye on the battlefield, thus tapping the full potential of the new Brits.

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  1. Never, it’s outstandingly average. The pen is the only thing it has that is decent. EBRs on the other hand go at speeds that other light tanks can only dream of, and can hit on the move shots at 400m.

  2. Not long, unless youd like us not to say anything and ensure that wargaming releases the entire British line as instant victims to russian lts and wheeled vehicles.

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