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It’s Pretty Fly: TL-1 LPC ‘Offspring’ Available now!

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Prepare yourself to tame a truly outstanding vehicle fully inspired by punk rock! Wargaming and the legendary Californian punk rockers, The Offspring, have teamed up to bring the most rocking hero to the battlefield, the brand-new TL-1 LPC with a formidable ‘Pretty Fly’ 3D-style.

This year’s WG Fest: Tanker Day headliners can stay in your Garage for good—just add this menacing vehicle with an incredible 3D-style to your collection! It has numerous features, making it stand out from the crowd:

  • A rocking Crew: The Offspring band members are now a tank Crew! They’ve all been trained with “Zero Skill” Brothers in Arms Perk and come with enough XP to learn a second skill or perk
  • Exclusive custom voiceover: Recorded by Dexter and Noodles. When rolling out with the TL-1 LPC, you can listen to their powerful battle commands, as well as their dialogue, banter and jokes
  • A unique ‘Pretty Fly’ 3D-style: Designed as a concert stage, this removable camouflage embodies the rocking spirit of The Offspring and unites power and music
  • A special soundtrack with a band’s hit ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’: the tank’s main theme will come in several mixes, accompanying you in each battle you enter and raising your fighting spirit

The TL1 LPC: Why Don’t You Get a Shot?

  • Just like most American tanks, it has a solid bouncy turret, allowing you to take advantage of the terrain and easily ricochet enemy’s rounds.
  • The TL-1 LPC has well-sloped frontal armour and can withstand some direct fire.
  • You can rely on the accuracy and DPM of its well-balanced gun, even on the move, allowing you to support your team as a proper flanker from the second line of fire.
  • Its alpha-damage is not the best for its tier (280 points), but it has enough firepower to seriously hurt opponents.
  • Thanks to good manoeuvrability and a top speed of 50 km/h, the TL-1 LPC can easily change flanks and take up crucial positions as it’ll reach them faster than other vehicles.

Pretty Fly: Give It to Me Baby!

But the real highlight of this tank is its neck-breaking ‘Pretty Fly’ 3D-style. Designed as a live concert stage for the band, the ultimate black livery embodies the fist-pumping spirit of punk rock and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The tank is outfitted with spotlights, tube amps, a soundboard and the band members’ instruments, each replicated down to the smallest detail.

The hazardous Skull Logo lets others know you mean business. Old-school skateboards with The Offspring artworks remind you that the band is always rocking out with you, even in the heat of battle. World of Tanks has never seen anything like it!

Premium Shop Offer: Come Out and Play!

In addition to the brand-new TL-1 LPC and unique ‘Pretty Fly’ 3D-style*, the bundle includes:

  • The Offspring custom Crew with “Zero Skill” Brothers in Arms Perk and enough XP to learn a second skill or perk
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • A free Garage slot
  • Exclusive voiceover recorded by Dexter and Noodles
  • Unique soundtrack based on the band’s hit ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’