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Supertest: ISU-152K – Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

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Are you ready for a brand new Soviet Premium tank destroyer? How about, an old friend you might have seen in the battlefields but now with more perks? Supertest will receive very soon a brand new Soviet tank destroyer to test, the ISU-152K.

The Object 241K also known as ISU-152K was a further development of the ISU-152 and it featured the engine of the T-54 medium tank.

It also had increased the size of the internal main fuel tank and removed the additional fuel tank placed in the crew compartment. As a result, it could carry 30, 152.4mm rounds.

The suspension also used many components from the T-10 heavy tank and the gun mantlet thickness was increased by 15mm.

It will feature the 152mm BL-10 gun but it’s unclear how players will be able to get it.

At the moment, all we can see is that the ISU-152K looks like a much worse version of the old ISU-152. The Soviet tank destroyer will be slow while reversing and very inaccurate, but will it be worth as a Premium version of the classic hard-hitting Soviet tank destroyer ISU-152?

More details as soon as they are known.

Update: Article Update with an English version of stats image.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: ISU-152K – Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

  1. This is not a Su-130PM. DPM, mobility, cammo will be worse

  2. O canhao BL-10 ja era da ISU-152, foi tirado, colocado a porcaria do D4s so para trazer esse “premium”. WG adora tirar seu dinheirinho sendo que vc ja tinha conquistado!

  3. I truely dont get wg on one hand they remove the bl 10 because it was op on the standard 152, on the other hand its ok if its a premium.
    Nice meme as always.

  4. unlikely, I can get good games in the ISU and not take damage and not fire premium rounds and still end up in the red…

  5. I think it will be a tank for old players because look
    T-50-2 old tank
    Super Hellcay – Old hellcat
    ISU-152K – Old ISU-152
    there might be a chance

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