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Interview with Warpack Creator

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Hello everyone,

About one year ago the Russian site WOT Express did an interview with Warpack creator Sherman. Now, they decided to contact him again to see how the paid assembly of illegal mods was doing after the introduction of Action Script 3.0.

Source: WoT Express

Q: Good afternoon.
A: What do you want from me? (starts abruptly, but proceeds with a calmer tone after).

Q: After the release of Patch 9.15.1 and the game transition to Action Script 3.0, did you find any problems?
None. More precisely, yes, but this is due to the fact that we were all doing other stuff.

Q: Have you heard about Wargaming work against illegal mods? Wargaming was looking for some specialists, and said they found them, what do you have to say? The company’s website has an opening for an Anti-Cheat Analyst.
Have you read the The Stainless Steel Rat?

WOT Express: No, but Wikipedia says “Sci-Fi series of humorous books by Harry Harrison.”

A: That’s me to the fact that instead of placing a job, they could have send me a PM. The main idea of the books is that the best anti-theft can only be a thief recruited for one reason or another.Q: Wargaming never contacted you since we last interviewed you?
And did they ever had desire to contact us? At the moment they (WG) seem to be having server-side problems and are looking for someone to fill the holes. I believe its related to gold leakage problem. But my guess is that they fired someone and now are looking for someone to fill that position.


Q: Not long ago there was a rumour that WG will introduce codes (access keys to mods), and this way ridding the game of unwanted mods. What you have to say?
These are rumours on rumours. Judging by the scandal with the “stopwatch” in ships, I would say it’s 146% likely.

Q: Do you follow ships more than tanks?
No, not at all. I know that Zhivets was demoted.

Q: Can you remind us of what the scandal was about?
In the client, when aiming to the enemy ship at the correct spot, the stopwatch near the reticle would blink. Modders did mods where a sound would indicate when this happens. Not a single one got banned because it uses an in-game aim predictor.

Q: So this is not a cheat?
No, it’s a mod. We do mods, not cheats. We use what is in the game and make it easier to use by players with mods. There are foreign comrades that make cheats, programs that work outside the game. They are not as comfortable and accurate, but these are cheats.We don’t want to pass that line, we do exclusively MODS.

Q: Have you head about the “Mortar Aim Mode”, which allowed to shot behind houses and mountains and how fast it was shut down?
We were almost its developers. We didn’t published it and used it, but this was know to us initially. This is shut down easily server-side: the shell, contrary to the laws of physics, simply doesn’t return to the ground. Actually, I have the impression that the game developers themselves don’t know how the game should look like.


Q: If mods could be developed and added to Warpack, like for example the mortar, are such an easy thing, why weren’t they added/done before?
Basically the mortar strike is a very realistic situation. But some, and many others like invisible tanks, don’t pass the collective qualification.

Q: Do you have any connections to foreign modders?
None. Specifically, there are no modders but hackers are excellent. I think that is why in ships, they chased us and not our foreign colleagues. Mods are a hundred times easier to trace than something that is controlled externally to the client. My suggestion is this: you want to remove forbidden mods from the game? Invite the ones who make forbidden mods. This applies to both projects.

Q: If during next year, WG does something good to fight forbidden mods, will you look for exploits and use them?
We didn’t break/exploit anything, neither before nor in the future, in regards to WG. To find exploits, obstacles need to be introduced first and we never had one. And customers have considerably diminished, they all have access to everything for free in the Internet.