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Interview with CONTRAS Movement

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Wargaming was chocked when they heard about CONTRAS, according to game portal When 30,000 players create an ultimatum and start making demands, this is bound to create some kind of impact.


Being a Russian movement, there’s a lot of information that isn’t clear to us in the EU/NA/ASIA Regions. I’ve decided to get in contact with CONTRAS, so I could get a bit more information about it.

Hello, first of all thanks for getting back to me. Can you please explain what are the main problems, you are trying to fight? Do you consider Clan Wars worse than they were before?

CONTRAS: Hello. Yes, we think Clan Wars are much worse. There’s many problems: Targeted destruction of Clan War mode by not developing any new features. Clans are demotivating, mainly because the new Clan Wars are worse than before. And the disrespect for players and clans, by not communicating with them.

What’s your proposal to Wargaming?

C: We propose the creation of a new department or appointing a specific manager to work with the Clan Community.

He will be personally responsible for communication. Also we believe it’s necessary to create a focus group, which will consist of the most experienced Clan Officers and Alliance Leaders.

The main task of this group will be to assist the newly created department, in optimizing the proposed changes and working out the documents related to clan activities. As well as collecting opinions on their behalf, for the continuous improvement of the quality of the Global Map and Clan activities. Feedback is essential, we want the ability to communicate and influence the decisions made.

How many clans are currently involved in this movement?

C: We currently have about 300 Clans that joined our cause.

Wargaming seems to be more focused on Strongholds, rather than Clan Wars. Do you think this is a problem? Are you against their introduction, or do you want these modes to be better developed, to make them more appealing?

C: Clan Wars and Stronghold are two different modes and we are fine with them. What we want is that Wargaming develops these modes in the same way, a uniform development in other words. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening. Strongholds are getting constant changes and developments, while Clan Wars that has always been the most complicated mode, but at the same time the most interesting to play, isn’t.

We just can’t understand, why isn’t Wargaming developing a End-Game mode, why the stagnation. Wargaming promised a new mode connected to Alliances on the Global Map, but we haven’t seen anything about it. It’s been a long time, Clan Wars need to evolve, the Global Map needs to be changed, Wargaming needs to make it more popular.

What about illegal mods? Do you think they are a problem, can they be affecting Clan Activities?

C: Illegal mods are a separate problem. We know Wargaming fights them, and we can see the results with recent bans.

Our main goal is to get developers to communicate with us, to develop Clan Wars together with the Community. Or at least to get a specific answer: No, we won’t do anything with the Global Map, for example. In a case like this, players can decide if they want to continue to play the game or not.

There are Clans from other regions already talking about this, and some even talk about creating similar movements. Did you get in contact with any clans from other regions?

C: No, Clans from other regions learned about our movement independently. We know they are trying to unite, to boycott the Global Map with their own initiatives.

Did Wargaming agreed to meet with you, at the end of July?

C: Yes, there was a proposal from the Head of Minsk Office, Vyacheslav Makarov. He contacted one of our representatives and proposed to meet with him, in Minsk, at the end of July.

How will you collect feedback from all those clans?

C: We will have documents where players can leave their feedback, proposals and ideas. We will then pass all this information to Wargaming so they can work with it.

One last question, some players are asking: Why Clan Wars? Why not do something about other game problems?

C: Our cause is Clan Wars and it’s popularization. Game balance, Matchmaker have problems yes, but we can see Wargaming trying to fix these issues. They brought a new Matchmaker, etc, so it’s clear they are trying to fix them.

As you might have heard, eSports in World of Tanks will most probably change to 15 vs 15 format very soon. Clan Wars can be the best school/academy to create new pro-players for eSports. Look at Natus Vincere, Tornado Energy – all these players came to eSports from Top Clans.

15,466 thoughts on “Interview with CONTRAS Movement

  1. “which will consist of the most experienced Clan Officers and Alliance Leaders.”
    “Wargaming promised a new mode connected to Alliances on the Global Map, but we haven’t seen anything about it.”

    tl;dr We think small clans get too much stuff and only the top 300 clans should get more stuff. We would like more map sitting in alliances so we can have a day of fending off small clan and then few nap days of getting gold while other clans in alliance have their combat day.

    “Wargaming needs to make it more popular”

    By increasing the rewards, which will all go to us, of course.

    Yeah, it’s all the same crap as before.

  2. Yeah it’s just stupid BS. CW is stupid anyway. It’s saying there’s a elite and there’s everybody else. WG should simply can CW and devote all resources into fixing the game’s other problems.

  3. Hmm….ironic isn’t it though. I think you are being rather selfish yourself.

    Firstly you ***ume they are top 300 clans. In fact I checked and many of the clans involved are less than 50% win rate clans on the global map. Many are not even in the top 500 and a few not even in the top 1000.
    Secondly you ***ume that they are demanding more rewards for only the top clans which is also not true.
    So far the biggest demands have been about variation and new exciting changes rather than demands being based around rewards.

    I would advise you to do proper research before ***uming and slandering others….unfortunately this is all too common in the modern world. Which is even worse because any moron can Google anything and find information in 5 minutes.

    Clan wars players put the most time and effort into the game. Like with any other sport or game the winners reap the biggest rewards. There is nothing wrong with that. And fyi the clan wars rewards are pretty pathetic anyway even for top clans who dominate clan wars global map. The gold amount is tiny and anyone who devotes time to clan wars could easily get a part time job and buy that gold in the same amount of hours while also having money left over.

    I do agree that the smaller clans and more casual players also have nowhere near enough rewards either. Contras are actually addressing this too. That there isn’t enough motivation for small clans to join in wars as they get nothing out of it. The biggest issue I see with this is the clan wars rewards tanks are only given to a tiny proportion of players.

  4. In fact, the whole mode is pathetic. Players playing for pathetic rewards when they could just get a 2nd job and buy gold as you say.
    I agree. Can the mode and develop something better.

  5. Hmm why does this reminds me of the days when VPA dominated the Asia Clan Wars and they were getting a huge chunk of gold for a loong time.

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