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TDB Home » Holiday Ops 2022: XM551 Sheridan “Salamander” Style

Holiday Ops 2022: XM551 Sheridan “Salamander” Style

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The “Salamander” 3D style will be available in Large Boxes during Holiday Ops 2022! Transform your XM551 Sheridan in an amphibious vehicle, but just for the looks!

Style Description

“Look at this wonderful tank! It can float! Have they finally thought about us up there? They finally got that this place has more water than roads. They even sent us a little booklet with detailed instructions on how to turn this vehicle into a real amphibian, and what to consider and how to prepare for fording a river. Almost 20 pages of information! Step-by-step instructions! Cover this with tarp, tie it here, run cable B through eyelet 4—just beautiful. They thought of everything to make troops happy and admire this long-awaited versatile combat vehicle. Do the instructions say how to get this damn bucket up from the river bed?”

Salamander Pictures

Salamander Preview


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