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Holiday Ops 2022: How To Profit with Arnie Discounts

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Holiday Ops 2022 brings back some nice discounts once you complete Arnie Missions. The best thing about these discounts is that you can apply them to whatever vehicle you want, meaning if you are, or want to grind a specific branch, you can get all those vehicles for much fewer credits. But what about if you already have everything, or have no interest for now in getting specific vehicles with a discounted price?

Well, you could profit from these discounts, not much, but for any Free2Play player out there, any profit is always a bonus! First, you need to complete 15 Missions from Arnie, so you can get discounts of up to 60%. Then, you will have to select specific vehicles from the tech tree and buy them at a discounted price and sell them straight away.

Last year, I’ve made a list of the most expensive vehicles per Tier and the list hasn’t changed! If you don’t have these vehicles researched, you can always find the ones you have with the highest price and do the same. But remember, if you do that, your profit won’t be as high.

Best Vehicles to Profit from Arnie Discounts

TierDiscountTankPriceBuying CostSelling PriceProfit
II100%M14/414 1000 +2 050 +2 050
III100%M15/4245 400 0 +22 700 +22 700
IV100%B1185 000 0 +92 500 +92 500
V80%T1 Heavy435 000 -87 000 +217 500 +130 500
VI60%O-I950 000 -380 000 +475 000 +95 000
Total-467 000 +809 750 +342 750

Discounts do not work on the Top of the Tree vehicles. Arnie Discount override the Tech Tree Discount, meaning you can’t apply a discount on a discounted vehicle and get profit from it. Hope you enjoy your profits!

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