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Holiday Ops 2022: Gifts to Celebrate the New Year

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How do you know a company has screwed an event? Easy, when you see them giving gifts for the said event where it helps players quite a bit! Holiday Ops 2022 has been a major flop with the changes from the previous year! Whoever decided these changes were good, might want to revisit and let someone else try next year!

Wargaming has decided to present us with a nice gift that will help all of you, especially the Free2Play players, finish their collections! Log in to the game between December 31 at 05:30 CET and January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1) to receive a selection of in-game items.

50,000 Shards40 decorations10 Antiduplicator charges3 days of WoT Premium Account

You will receive 40 decorations that you don’t already own: 10 New Year, 10 Christmas, 10 Magic, and 10 Lunar. If your Collection(s) is (are) full, each extra decoration will convert to 350 Shards. Rewards are only available once per account. Get an extra 22 Small Boxes using the code “HAPPY22WOT” or click the button below!


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