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Holiday Ops 2021: Treat Yourself to Large Boxes!

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Holiday Ops 2021 wouldn’t be complete without the loot boxes Large Festive Boxes! Of course, while these boxes are good value for money, you will still be gambling away your precious cash for random rewards! My advice as always is: ONLY BUY BOXES IF YOU WANT GOLD. These boxes are the best value for money in terms of Gold, you always end up with more than invested, BUT NEVER BUY BOXES JUST TO GET A TANK! I’ve seen plenty of people who invested hundreds of Euros/Dollars, etc, trying to get a specific tank, just to end up empty-handed in that regard, and still blaming it on Wargaming.

Remember, you are responsible for your own money if you want good value for money content, where you get Gold and extra goodies, then go for it, if you just want to get that Progetto C45 Bisonte, or the GSOR 1008, these aren’t worth the gamble! I hope you do the right thing!

Enjoy Boxes With Cool Goodies!

As always, all the items inside boxes are greater or equal to the price of the Box in gold. Each Large Box contains four goodies, three of which never change. These are:

  • 250
  • A Level V decoration of the respective Collection
  • A random-level decoration of the respective Collection

What could the fourth treat be? It’s always a surprise! Each Box has a chance of dropping WoT Premium Account time, credits, or even more gold (on top of the guaranteed 250 gold). But if Lady Luck’s on your side, you might find a formidable Tier VIII Premium tank, a Tier III–VI vehicle, or a spectacular 3D style!

Choose a Box from one of the four different Collections:

Every box always contains:

One Level V decoration

One Random Level decoration

250 Gold

A random item from the following list:

1 day of WoT Premium Account
3 day of WoT Premium Account
7 day of WoT Premium Account

250 Gold
500 Gold
1000 Gold

100,000 Credits
500,000 Credits


  • Bisonte C45
  • GSOR 1008
  • ISU-152K
  • Bat.-Chat. Bourrasque
  • T78
  • M4A1 FL 10
  • Matilda Black Prince
  • M22 Locust
  • Pz. Kpfw T 15

New 3D Styles

Last Year’s Holiday Ops 3D Styles

  • T110E4 “Major Ram”
  • E 100 “Klarer Himmel”
  • Object 140 “Sekhmet”
  • AMX 13 105 “Vipère Noire”
  • Jagdpanzer E 100 “Panzerschiff”
  • Object 430U “Kelevra”


If you find yourself unwrapping a Premium tank you already own, you will be compensated its full value in gold, no matter how many times it happens:

  • Bisonte C45 – 10,200
  • GSOR 1008 – 9,000
  • Bat.Chat. Bourrasque – 7,600
  • ISU-152K – 8,700
  • M4A1 FL 10 – 3,300
  • T78 – 2,800
  • Matilda Black Prince – 1,750
  • Pz.Kpfw. T 15 – 900
  • M22 Locust – 900

If you still have unopened Large Boxes at the end of the event, they will be opened automatically. Even if you forget about them, they’ll still be stored on your account, waiting to surprise you with a set of cool goodies! Once the event ends, you will receive compensation in gold for any Large Boxes that were sent as gifts but not opened by their recipients.

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: Treat Yourself to Large Boxes!

  1. Unfortunately the value for these boxes has dropped significantly.. I only have the bottom 3 tanks of that list so in order to get compensation for the tier 8’s I’d need to get lucky twice, first for one of them and then the same one again. I guess I’ll just sit this out.

  2. So the 3D style for the obj 268 v4 will be for the next battle p*** together with the badger?? Or maybe for the black market?

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