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Holiday Ops 2021: Progetto C45 mod 71 Coming Inside Lootboxes

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The holidays are always full of magic, and this year is no exception. In less than four weeks, Holiday Ops 2021 will start and the Christmas and New Year spirit will enter your garage in World of Tanks. As usual, with the Christmas garage and all the decorations you will need to collect, the famous loot boxes or commonly know as Large Boxes will also come to get you cool gifts.

Large Boxes will contain the so much desired gifts all players want, Premium vehicles, unique 3D stylesGoldCredits and decorations. This year, the list of vehicles is still unknown, but we have information that two unique new vehicles will be available with Large Boxes.

It is very clear now with the release of Update 1.11 Common Test #2, that the information about Italian heavy tanks delay was accurate. The reason, many will think, it’s because of delayed balancing in the tanks or the models are not ready, but the truth is far simpler. The main reason for the delay is as simple as last year delayed double-barrel mini branch: sell a new unique mechanic Premium tank inside loot boxes to create hype for the new branch.

Of course, it is more than to just create hype, it is also to maximize profit. I’m sure you have guessed what vehicle this will be, it’s pointed out in the title of this article and the images above, but in case you missed it the one and only Progetto C45 mod 71, Tier VIII Italian Premium heavy tank.

The Italian heavy tank is the first of four Tier VIII vehicles (that we know off) that will be inside Holiday Ops boxes this year, and we are almost sure that we know what will be the second new one. We will save the information for a later article, as we will soon see the Winter Marathon coming out, and maybe from there, we will know almost for sure. Keep tuned for more information.

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15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: Progetto C45 mod 71 Coming Inside Lootboxes

  1. Thank you for all your work, but you just shattered all my hope to see Italian Heavy on the upcoming marathon.
    Now i’ll shut down my PC and going to cry in a dark corner.

  2. Hey Harkonnen, do you somehow know what tank will there be in the upcoming marathon? Prob the GSOR 1008 since they nerffed it into the ground, I guess it makes sense for WG to keep the OP ones for lootboxes :(.

  3. Wargaming sucks… I thought they will make it available through marathon, i guess these thieves knows how to milk the player base. F*ck off Wargayming.

  4. I’m sorry, but whom ever thought the Italian HT was going to be a marathon, was dreaming… I’ve heard numerous rumous of it just bashed by people with no reputation at all… them people get disapointed. Maybe you will get lucky with 3 boxes and get one? 😀

  5. @Harkonnen what is this for an answer? You could have simply said that Obj. 274a is the marathon tank, 3 letters, 3 numbers boy, what a work.

  6. there is a hint in the trailor video in the first few seconds…. the poster on the back of the train

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