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Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Got Some Pre-Release Changes

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The British tank destroyer GSOR 1008 will be available to all players who want to try their luck with Large Festive Boxes from tomorrow, 9th December 2020! But before you spend your money, be advised this autoloader tank destroyer suffered some minor changes before it was released with Update 1.11.

Essentially, these are just some previous changes reversed, meaning the vehicle got back to some better characteristics:

  • Maximum Top Speed changed from 55 to 60 km/h
  • Maximum Reverse Speed changed from -12 to -17 km/h
  • View Range changed from 350 to 370m
  • 105 mm AT Gun L7A1 Aiming Time changed from 2,40 to 2,21s

GSOR 1008 Gift Preview

Remember, the GSOR 1008 will be available only in Large Festive Boxes and it is not guaranteed you can get it. Wargaming has no plans to sell the vehicle in the Premium Shop in the next foreseeable future.

To make things more convenient to understand, just have a look at the complete stat chart bellow. The following characteristics are from Live Server with a 100% Crew.







GSOR1008 Mk. 1GSOR1008 Mk. 1105 mm AT Gun L7A1Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. IVB/12WS N0. A41
Firepower - 297
Average Damage per Shot (HP)320/320/420
Average Penetration (mm)226/321/53
Rate of Fire4.89
Reload (s) (magazine/shell/quantity)43.1/2./4
Gun Traverse Speed  (deg/s)29.87
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  (deg)-11/10
Aiming Time (s)2.16
Dispersion at 100 m (m)0.32
Average Damage per Minute  (HP/min)1,564
Survivability - 161
Hit Points (HP)1 200
Hull Armour (front/sides/rear mm)99/51/38
Turret Armour (front/sides/rear mm)152/51/38
Mobility - 648
Weight/Load Limit (t)43.65/45.50
Engine Power (h.p.)640
Specific Power (h.p./t)14.66
Top Speed/Reverse Speed (km/h)60/17
Traverse Speed (deg/s)29.20
Concealment - 368
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)21.73/4.54
Concealment of Moving  Vehicle (%)14.66/3.06
Spotting - 526
View Range (m)370
Signal Range (m)570

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Got Some Pre-Release Changes

  1. Unrelated to this article but just a heads up, in your lootbox article under the compensation tab you put the GSOR twice, just figured id mention it

  2. so basically its a t10 tvp only that its faster, smaller with better gold ammo and at t8..
    i just cant believe they gonna release such broken tank, what are they thinking??

  3. Bruh it has a 40+ second reload, thing is gonna be garbage compared to other autoloaders like the Somua or Lorraine.

  4. It’s not a TVP downtiered and its not garbage to be honest… We will see from tomorrow, it’s not OP, but its not underpowered.

  5. No you’re wrong it’s more like a maus but with an autoloader and smaller with less armour aswell! Oh and an autoloader damn war gaming releasing these OP tanks!

  6. @CynicalDutchie
    vs lorraine better, gun handling, intra-clip, camo, gold ammo.
    vs somua, although they serve different roles, all-around it’s got much better parameters

    @GsorOPboohoo heres an advise, make sense

  7. I dropped all 4 tanks from the boxes and GSOR 1008 is the best one for me …

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