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Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Coming Inside Lootboxes

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On our previous post about Holiday Ops 2021 Large Boxes, we announced the Italian Tier VIII heavy tank Progetto C45 mod 71 as one of two new vehicles coming inside them. The second tank should come to no surprise, of course, it will be an interesting new British tank destroyer, something we never saw in-game and different from all other British Tech Tree vehicles.

Yes, we are talking about the Tier VIII tank destroyer GSOR 1008, the first oscillating turret tank destroyer we will see in the game with an auto-loader mechanism with a clip size of 4 shells. The GSOR will be an interesting vehicle to play, while it features almost no decent armour, having an oscillating turret and an auto-loader, makes it stand out from all other tank destroyers.

This year Holiday Ops will be full of surprises, and more tanks will come to be available with Large Boxes. Our information indicates that we will have four tanks, so it is expected the other two will be highly desired Premium vehicles, as it was with Holiday Ops 2020. During Holiday Ops 2020, players were able to grab the Progetto M35 mod. 46 and the SU-130PM, together with the, at the time, new Object 703 Version II and E 75 TS.

With that said, what more do you expect from Holiday Ops 2021? Let us know if these tanks are worth enough for you to gamble your money to get them or you just prefer to buy Large Boxes because of the decent deal you get with them.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Coming Inside Lootboxes

  1. I’ll usually buy a small number of loot boxes (mostly to get some high-tier ornaments)…maybe I’ll buy a few more if the tanks interest me. Still can’t see me buying more than 10 boxes.

  2. Its hard here. Pure gambling.
    I will spend more than the tank worth it? Dont see many positive feedback on last’s one, with real and honest reviews about money spent and perks received

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