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Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Coming Inside Lootboxes

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On our previous post about Holiday Ops 2021 Large Boxes, we announced the Italian Tier VIII heavy tank Progetto C45 mod 71 as one of two new vehicles coming inside them. The second tank should come to no surprise, of course, it will be an interesting new British tank destroyer, something we never saw in-game and different from all other British Tech Tree vehicles.

Yes, we are talking about the Tier VIII tank destroyer GSOR 1008, the first oscillating turret tank destroyer we will see in the game with an auto-loader mechanism with a clip size of 4 shells. The GSOR will be an interesting vehicle to play, while it features almost no decent armour, having an oscillating turret and an auto-loader, makes it stand out from all other tank destroyers.

This year Holiday Ops will be full of surprises, and more tanks will come to be available with Large Boxes. Our information indicates that we will have four tanks, so it is expected the other two will be highly desired Premium vehicles, as it was with Holiday Ops 2020. During Holiday Ops 2020, players were able to grab the Progetto M35 mod. 46 and the SU-130PM, together with the, at the time, new Object 703 Version II and E 75 TS.

With that said, what more do you expect from Holiday Ops 2021? Let us know if these tanks are worth enough for you to gamble your money to get them or you just prefer to buy Large Boxes because of the decent deal you get with them.

10 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: GSOR 1008 Coming Inside Lootboxes

  1. I’ll usually buy a small number of loot boxes (mostly to get some high-tier ornaments)…maybe I’ll buy a few more if the tanks interest me. Still can’t see me buying more than 10 boxes.

  2. Its hard here. Pure gambling.
    I will spend more than the tank worth it? Dont see many positive feedback on last’s one, with real and honest reviews about money spent and perks received

  3. An auto-loading British TD in the Xmas lewt boxes? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  4. i stopped playing WOT about 4 yrs ago due to frustration with matchmaker (played a lot of Ark with my brother & nephew but got burnt out on that, too & couldn’t find any new games we really enjoyed), but just started playing again on an alt account (about 16.5k games & 1100 wn8, used for nephew or trying to figure out how to play arty, etc.) so i don’t screw up my stats on my main account (about 21k games & 2350 wn8) before i’m ready for clan wars again…

    seems like wheeled vehicles have screwed matchmaking even more than before, with way faster vehicles for scouting on maps that stayed the same size (and, even after the wheeled vehicle “nerf” the wheeled vehicles are still way too fast & have insane accuracy with just clicking to autoaim at full speed to crank out insane damage that they say they weren’t intended to be capable of)…so it seems like 10+ tank blowouts are even more common now than before, with the team with the best light tank driver having an insane advantage. while wot seems pretty impressed with their adjustments to matchmaking to prevent platoons from having a tier 1 with a tier 10 & trying to even out the number/types of tanks, it seems insane for a game to be out 10 years with virtually no attempt to reduce the overwhelming number of 10+ tank blowouts by at least attempting to even out the teams in terms of player stats….even without wn8, they could use the player rating, avg experience, win rate, etc. either overall or in the particular tank the player is in, to try to even out the teams. they wouldn’t have to create a whole new algorithm, they could just use the algorithm they have to find teams by evening out the types/numbers of tanks, then just add to that by swapping one or more people to even out the stats for each team. 10+ tank blowouts are the most frustrating thing about the game, and it’s made worse by wheeled vehicles when your team has a tomato in an ebr and the other team has a good or even decent player when your team is stuck with a tomato who plays their ebr like an arty or td & hides in back by base.

    but i’m still playing & hoping to not get burnt out again since i didn’t find another game i enjoyed as much.

    i probably have about 95% of the available premium tanks on both my main account & the alt account, & I did holiday loot boxes & the black market for the first time last year.

    for holiday boxes, I’d say it’s a great deal if you can afford it. seriously, if you look at how much you spent this past year on gold/credit packages & then go ahead and budget that amount for loot boxes, you’ll end up with way more gold/credits than if you wait & purchase them throughout the year (even if you wait & only purchase them at a discount).
    If you’re gonna end up spending the money, anyway, it’s a great deal to just bite the bullet & spend your yearly budget on loot boxes now, if possible. Sounds like the Italian heavy will be a good crew trainer, and I love TDs with turrets, so I’d love for them to release the tier 8 british autoloader td with a turret.

    for black market, i think they’ll have more auctions to maximize their profits since the winning bidders don’t lose just the winning bid amount, but the max amount they bid.

    While the Type 59 was one of the first OP premium tanks & a Type 59 wolfpack platoon almost assured a victory in the old days, the Type 59 nerf killed it & it is nowhere near as good as it once was, & is nowhere close to the best medium premium, now (i only have the Type 59 on my alt account, not my main account). BUT…the Type 59 has some special place in the hearts & minds of WOT, so that may be the only premium tank they don’t stick in the premium shop a couple of times a year to maximize profits….but, that doesn’t mean they won’t pimp out a few hundred Gold Type 59s in the Black Market knowing all available will get auction bids well over a few hundred dollars from the serious tank collectors.

    1. Just cut to the point next time. We dont want to here your lifes story.

  5. when it mean able to buy them does it mean there going to be in the shop or going on a one day time event in game to buy it?

  6. when it says able to buy does it mean they are going to be in the shop or are they going to be a one day event in game?

    1. They will be in the shop later throughout 2021 too but now in loot boxes it will be a best buy, as you will receive premium account and gold along side it.

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