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Holiday Ops 2021: A few Easter Eggs!

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It’s time to break down as much as we can the latest World of Tanks video: Holiday Ops 2021! If you thought there wasn’t any Easter Eggs in it, then you were mistaken. There are a few, and they confirm some of our previous leaks, plus loads of other small details. Let’s have a look:

  • At the rear train, you can see a glimpse of a circus strongman with the words “pesante” and “Italiano”. This clearly means something heavy and Italian will be coming during Holiday Ops 2021, and we know what it is!
  • Christmas Maidens will be coming again, so prepare for more free crew members that are really worth!
  • Previous year collections will be available to complete, plus brand new ones! Expect the new ones to be even bigger than last year.
  • The garage theme will be the “Christmas Town”, and we should get the four areas to decorate: Christmas Tree, Merry Go Round, Snow Construction and the Kitchen!
  • The famous piano man will be back to play Christmas music for us, he should play the higher your Festive Atmosphere level is!
  • This year Christmas sleigh is Chuck Norris American Truck or also know as Truck Norris!
  • The FV 4005 in the video is a hint to a new British tank destroyer that will be released with Large Boxes.
  • Chuck Norris actually shows up in the game garage, expect him to be a crew member you can either get for free or in the boxes.
  • There is a whole new area where the Christmas Maidens will be and you can open your presents.

For now, that is all we found in there, but we will keep the post updated if new information arises!


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