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Holiday Ops 2020: Leaked Details

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Holiday Ops 2020 is almost starting! Update 1.7 will be released between 10 and 11 December, and with it, the festive season will start! Before official news comes out, I was able to get some information about what’s coming up:

  • Gift tank will be the Tier II AMR 35, French light tank
  • With it, players will also be getting a garage slot, x3 Small Boxes and one AntiDuplicator.
  • The garage will have the usual decorations to put, but 2020 will bring “Large Decorations“.
  • New Year Missions will be available again, so players will earn decorations.

  • 2020 Decoration book as 380 items! 2019 Collection only had 313 and 2018 was even smaller with 251.
  • Increasing your decoration collection will instantly increase your earning bonus etc.
  • Rewards for Festivity Level will have a range of items, from the usual Personal Reserves, this year there will be Blueprints,  Crew Books, four new Female Crew Members, AntiDuplicators and even a 2D Style.

  • AntiDuplicatiors are to make sure you won’t get duplicated decorations in the Decorider!
  • There is a new area in the garage where you will see the four new female crew members, they give you a daily present containing a decoration. You can only pick one per day, from one of them! You can’t pick all four presents, so pick smart!
  • Instead of discounts on tanks, this year from Tier V festivity level, players will get Holiday Tanks slots. These slots will give a bonus to the vehicles inserted into them. Bonus depends on the vehicle class and they are restricted to the respective Tier. So a slot of Tier VI, can only have a tank of Tier VI in there.
  • Four new styles can be won if you complete all collections.

15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2020: Leaked Details

  1. It was info I got before WG released the info about 30 minutes later.

  2. yeah, you never know how fresh a leak is because of WG’s mostly unpredictable time/news schedule.
    I appreciate you presenting the same info as the portal in a much more compact way, also the decoration item number increase is something noteworthy. I guess WG will always “tweek” the lootbox missions and decoration collection to squeeze more lootbox euros out of us.

  3. Nice, but not sure how useful the CZ blueprints are at stage 3 will be for most, given how many were available during the Czech Holidays event, and how short the CZ line is (unless they are going to brig out some more tanks/TD’s next year?)

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