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Holiday Ops 2019: Hangar & Collection Details

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World of Tanks Update 1.3 is arriving tomorrow, 12th December but Holiday Ops 2019 will only start on the 13th of December. The event will last for a full month until 13th of January 2019. I was able to get my hands on a neat sneak peek of what is coming up, from pictures of the new hangar to all items from all four collections!

New Year Hangar

Just like last year, a new Hangar will be available throughout the holiday season, I was able to grab a few images of it so you can have a look at it.

Wargaming Wishes

Wargaming developers and creators of Holiday Ops 2019 wish all the players a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

Holiday Ops 2019

New Year Premium Styles

Four new styles will be randomly gifted to anyone who buys Large Boxes. These can drop at any time but aren’t guaranteed, but I have to say these might be the best items you can get in Large Boxes.

New Year Regular Styles

New Year Regular Styles Inscriptions

New Year Regular Styles Emblems


When you reach Level II, VI and X you will be awarded an Achievement. So start working on getting Level V decorations as soon as possible.

Gift Containers

Players will able to buy four types of Large Boxes and receive Small Boxes for completing missions. Christmas, Magic, New Year and Lunar, are those who will drop Gold, Premium Account, Premium Tanks, Credits and guaranteed Level V decorations. Small boxes will only drop random Level decorations and small rewards.

Crew Members

Four female crew members can be earned by reaching certain Festive Atmosphere levels, a really nice reward to look forward too. I was able to find a fifth crew member, but no details how and if it will be possible to get him.

Facts Album

A facts album will be displayed in-game, with interesting things that happened during wartime, proving that deep down the human heart is kind.

Festive Atmosphere Level

Decorations List

Decoration Collection 2019

In total, players will have to collect 402 decoration items to complete all four collections. Remember, you need to complete them to receive the New Year regular styles, but you don’t need to complete them to reach Level X of Festive Atmosphere.

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  1. Hi Harkonnen!
    First of all, thanks for all the effort, now and over the whole year.
    Any chance we get pictures of the emblems/inscriptions for this year? Really curious, last year’s were quite nice.

  2. Thanks for this added detail and kudos for fleshing out a bit more about the event.

  3. The 5th crew member is Simon Claus available from the holiday boxes. ( I got him this morning )

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