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Holiday Ops 2019: Gift Boxes Unveiled

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Holiday Ops 2019 are almost here and with them the traditional gift boxes full of surprises, ornaments and goodies! As previous years, if you are looking for a way of shooting your way up the Festive Atmosphere without playing much, Large Boxes will contain decorations that will help achieving Level X quicker. When you select abox you will be able to choose between four boxes:

  • Magic
  • New Year
  • Lunar
  • Christmas

Each box is guaranteed to drop a decoration of the selected style, together with some extra goodies, for example, if you select a Christmas Large Box you will get a Christmas decoration.

A Large Box will contain four items inside, three of which you will know before you opening: at least one Tier V decoration, another random Tier I-V decoration and 250 Gold. But that’s not all, a guaranteed extra item will be in each box from the following: Extra Gold, Credits, Premium Account Days and Premium Tanks. The Premium following Premium tanks might drop in a box, but expect chances to be quite low, compared with other items.


Object 252U DefenderE 25 and leFH18B2 are back in business to create the hype of Christmas loot Gift Boxes, players can get up to eith Premium tanks. Please remember these tanks are not guaranteed to drop in Large Boxes, chances of getting any of these vehicles are a lot smaller when compared to get extra Gold, Credits or Premium Account Time.

Only one of the following extras can be earned on each Large Box:

  • Extra Gold: 250 Gold or 500 Gold or 1,000 Gold
  • Days of Premium Account: 1 Day or 3 Days or 7 Days
  • Credits: 100,000 Credits or 500,000 Credits
  • Premium Tank
    • 105 leFH18B2
    • M4 Improved
    • KV-200-2
    • Turán III prototípus
    • E 25
    • IS-3A
    • Rheinmetall Skorpion G
    • Object 252U Defender
Please Note
Large Boxes won’t available for players who live in Belgium due to gambling law restrictions.

Wait, there is more!

If you are incredibly lucky, you can get a fifth item, one of four new exclusive New Year styles for selected Tier X vehicles! Brand new unique 3D styles are ready to drop in your garage at any moment for your IS-7, T57, Bat. Chatillon 25t and Grille 15.

New Year Styles Preview

T 57 Heavy Tank

Bat. Chat 25t

Grille 15



15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2019: Gift Boxes Unveiled

  1. Such styles are what WoT needed – no Defenders or OP prems. I love them (even tho Ill probably not get em all) and hopefully it will start new era. Unfortunately a lot of dmg has been done already.

  2. What if I already have an IS-3A? Do I have to get it again for the auto-reloader?

  3. IS-3A is going to get “replaced” with the new version one for every owner. So if you have any of these tanks, you get the full Gold price in your account.

  4. Yeah, the new styles are really cool, but the “gambling” bait of getting a Defender and E25 is a big lol… I love the Holiday Ops event, just hate the fact of the getting tanks that are m***ively hyped creates this “I’ll just buy a few” and gets people hooked up…

  5. Cant agree more – gambling part for styles (not even mentioning those two “main prices”) will be decisive obstacle for me at least.

  6. Nice styles…
    Imagine you could use the Gatling on the T57 against no-armor-lights while you are in reload 🙂

  7. any idea what the price will be? I can’t remember the price from last year, I want to say $3 per box 6 for $15 20 for $50.

  8. NO to Lefh, it actively damages the new player experience!

    Yes to Tier x camo skins!

  9. Don’t care about any (got em all) need is3 a only >.<
    Again i feel like i cheated myself when not buying this crap earlier lol

    I mean, who could have possible known, that wargaming would buff a RUSSIAN tank of all things!!!

  10. WG. Here’s a hint for next year. Styles. Lots of Styles. No premium tanks but styles for premiums and tech tree tanks that you can get the 3d styles to work with. This is the path monetization should go in.

  11. Those 3D skins look really good. Though the Grille one is kinda boring compared to the other 3. Cosmetic styles like this are a great thing to include in the boxes.

    The Defender, E25 and leFH are not. Sure, those will entice some players to open the wallets, but OP premiums are bad for the game.

  12. The styles are great, but I wonder if that enormous AA gun is a hitbox or reduces camo. Probably treated just like the cannon barrel.

  13. Would be nice to have against armored cars that try to circle you. Like siege mode you toggle into AA gun mode, a mode with a very fast traverse. Even a .50 cal would be fine pest control.

  14. If you watch the spotting mechanics video the spotting line is always the cupola.

  15. Why are the boxes not available in belgum but are available in the Netherlands? i thought they both didnt like lootboxes.

  16. It’s not about liking them, its about having legislation that doesn’t allow them to be sold in the Country.

  17. Hi Harkonnen

    Have you any idea what happens if you get a skin for the BatChat in a lootbox but haven’t actually got that tank in your garage? Do you get to keep it and be able to apply it later?

  18. I bought a dozen boxes last year and I was incredibly lucky. In the very first box I got a Type 59. I also ended up with a lot of gold and premium time.

    I reallyfelt like it was gambling though and I do not think younger players should be exposed to that.

  19. Got to agree, WG have got to start seriously thinking about how they are managing their game. Its still a lot of fun and I enjoy it BUT the problems keep coming and all appear to be generated by WG itself! We now have some big name CC like Quickybaby, Circonflexes here in EU and others like 4tankersAndDog in NA complaining or even uninstalling the game. Hope some of this gets through to WG before it gets too late!

  20. Why it taking them so long? That should be done already. I would like to mix and match various options to get my tank different. It worked well with Team Fortress when people got hyped for hats. They would get more money (if priced sensibly) then from selling OP tanks.

  21. I bought 25 boxes package with following results: a LOT of tier 5 decorations, 500k credits, 7750 gold, 24 days of premium, M4 improved and Skorpion – good deal imho.

  22. Bought 25 lunar boxes… Got 26 days prem, 8k gold, Lefh, Defender, IS-3a, KV-220, M4 Improved, Turan, and I’m also done with my decorations with all at tier 5 lunar… I bought it for the Lefh, because I missed having AP in SPGs… Got it on the very first box I opened….

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