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Holiday Ops 2018: Special Camouflages

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We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and even closer to the Holiday Ops 2018! The part that everyone is waiting for in the event is the rewards and today Wargaming released a few pictures of four special camouflages players will be able to get.

Wargaming didn’t share many details about them for now, but my guess is these aren’t permanent camouflages and players will be able to get a few uses on these camouflages as they get rewarded in the crates. Crazy to see them in game, but with the new customization mechanics, it’s now possible to get this in-game and it’s sort of fun, if you don’t mind seeing unhistorical camouflages just for a short period.

I’m still waiting for the Grinch camouflage…

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15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2018: Special Camouflages

  1. Reindeer Maus. I can’t wait for this event to hit when we have 3D customs enables. Imagine a Maus with reindeer antlers and Christmas lights (like the blitzen MTLS from console) i would laugh my *** off.

    Dashing through the snow
    In a one-Maus open sleigh
    O’er the fields we go
    Shooting all the way
    Bells on cannons ring
    Making fuel tanks bright
    What fun it is to shoot and sing
    A SLAYing song tonight

  2. “if you don’t mind seeing unhistorical camouflages just for a short period”

    Aren’t we going to be able to hide the unhistorical camos starting next patch? I just hope if this is true WG will cl*** these as unhistorical patterns.

  3. Yes, you can hide them and most probably you won’t see these ones if you tick that box. Tats why I said “if you don’t mind seeing”, beause to see them you will have to see the rest of them.

  4. “my guess is these aren’t permanent camouflages”
    Doesn’t it say in yesterdays post about the special ops, that there are cosmetic rewards for completing a collection? And since there are four camps and four sets of collections I think these will be permanent.

  5. We need a camo for the Maus that has a brickwork pattern and fake windows, so it can hide as a building.

  6. I hope they are permanent. The Red/White Swirl and Blue camo’s actually look pretty neat.

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