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Holiday Ops 2018 Hangar, Decorations and Details

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If you don’t want any spoilers for Holiday Ops 2018, you might not want to read this article! I was able to dig even more pictures of the upcoming Holiday Ops 2018 hangar and you will be surprised at what Wargaming has been keeping as a secret.

An upgrade from what we had last year, but never the less an amazing hangar for the festive season.

Holiday Ops Hangar

Customization Options

Players will be able to customize four main areas of their hangar: House and Lights, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Posts and Yard.

Each of these areas have several decorations to add, the more you have the higher your Festive Atmosphere will be. Levels will go from 1 to 10 and each level will unlock a discount on a Tier vehicle. I’m not sure if this discount is directly linked to the Level, for example, Level 4, will award discounts for Tier IV vehicles. We will have to wait for official information to confirm if this will be the case, or not.

HolidayOps (21)

New Year Decorations Collection

There will be four collections to complete, Traditional, Soviet, Modern and Chinese. Each collection will earn additional bonuses to your battle results, unique Emblems and Inscriptions. A collection is made of five Tiers and each Tier has twelve decorations you must collect, except for Tier V which has thirteen.

HolidayOps (7)

Each New Year Collection will give you a bonus to a particular nation(s) and the bonus is increased by the number of Decorations collected and multiplied by the Festive Atmosphere. How to increase the bonus:

Collected Decorations (items)
Bonus Level (%)
0 – 70%
8 – 181%
19 – 362%
37 – 543%
more than 554%

The bonus is added to experience, credits and crew experience earned in a battle. With a Level 10 Festive Atmosphere, the base bonus will be multiplied by 12. Once you complete a full collection you will be awarded:

  • Christmas Style: A unique set that contains a Camouflage, Inscription, Emblem and base colour.
  • 4 Holiday Inscriptions: The inscription is awarded for completing the 2018 Christmas collection.
  • Emblem: The emblem is awarded for completing the 2018 Christmas collection.


Nothing much new here, as last year players will be able to get boxes by completing holiday missions or they will be able to purchase them from the Premium Shop. Each box will give the player more decorations and a few more rewards. I strongly believe there is a high chance they will randomly drop a Tier VIII Premium tank from time to time, but I can’t confirm this information. If this is confirmed to be true, please remember it will be almost like gambling and there are no guarantees it will reward you a Premium tank.

Crafting Decorations

In order to complete the Collections, players will have to get a complete set. But what do you do with the repeated decorations you have?

This is where the Large Holidron Decorider comes into action. Here you will be able to break decorations to get Shards, then you use these Shards to craft new decorations. You will be able to set the Level, Type and Collection of the decoration you want to craft, but the higher and more specific decoration you try to craft, the more Shards you will need.

Please note: All the information was datamined from the game and it might have innacurate details.

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  1. In my opinion on one hand the Tier VIII tanks in boxes can be considered gambling as you aren’t guaranteed to get the tank as you said, but on the other hand if they do it like last year that even in the worst case you are still getting gold from the lootbox (preferably at least as much as you could buy from the price of the boxes or maybe a bit more) you can’t really go wrong as long as you are not chasing the tank.

    Now if they really put the Type 59 in one of the lootboxes I can see a lot of players spending a ****ton of money on the boxes just to get it and that could be a big gambling problem.

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