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Hell Let Loose: Weekend Beta is now open!

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It’s officially open, Hell Let Loose Weekend Beta is on and ready for you to go into action!


  • Lag and desync improvements
  • Tank physics improvements
  • Telemetry and Analytics enabled (users can opt out through the options menu should they wish)
  • Anti-Cheat enabled
  • Fix to audio and animation desync for commander ability planes
  • Added reminder ‘tip’ to Officers for Outpost and Garrison placement
  • Client performance optimisations for St Marie map
  • Fix to possible soft lock on deployment screen on map change

Known Issues

  • Low reproduction client crash seen when changing map to St Marie via map vote
  • Tug of war HUD element is currently a placeholder
  • All HUD, UI, menu and 2D elements within the game will be having an art pass
  • Audio for directional and distance weapon sounds needs further work
  • Players may encounter issues with jumping under poor network conditions (high ping)
  • Delay can occur on map updating users positions
  • Maps will not rotate between games (although users can change map by vote)
  • Some minor problems with some resolution scaling (UI element may not represent scale correctly when changed)
  • Sector locked icon sometimes may not appear when a sector is locked
  • Outpost map icons may not pulse when newly placed under some conditions even if the player can spawn on it
  • Server favourites not retained between re-booting the game
  • If a player is killed whilst in an AT gun with an explosive weapon their corpse will be in t-pose
  • Players cannot rebind keybinds for map marker placement
  • Sound Effects for Outpost and Garrison construction does not play
  • Some clipping issues for prone players in certain map areas
  • Animation issues for M43 grenade when thrown underarm
  • VoIP icons do not display on map screen, deployment screen, or you have died screen
  • Player shadows sometimes are not visible when under interior light sources
  • Some explosions need their culling reduced as they are not visible at correct distances
  • If the user hits refresh on the server browser before any servers have been displayed they may become stuck in that screen with a perpetual loading
  • Sometimes a player may become stuck in the AT gun barrel if the barrel is rotated into their player model whilst standing next to the gun
  • If the player joins a game during a map change or reset there is a chance their client may hang
  • Tank nameplates are not affected by nameplate distance options
  • If the map changes by vote whilst the commander is deploying the commander will be unable to deploy on the next game start

4 thoughts on “Hell Let Loose: Weekend Beta is now open!

  1. got 2 closed beta access keys for those interested. first come, first serve.


    please comment below which code you used to let others check for availability. thx


  2. Played it.

    Looks pretty……….. and that’s about it.
    The sound is misleading, the maps are awfully empty, feedback on objectives is non existent, tanks get stuck on slightly curvy terrain…

    also the TIME TO KILL and TIME TO DIE is awfully short. 1-2 shots!
    Despite epic settings you can die instantly and NEVER KNOW where or what hit you! no way.
    Same for killing if you actually MANAGE to find an enemy! You just shoot 1-2 times and he falls over……….. SKILL!!!!!!

    Honestly this game is just bad. Its Battlefield 3 levels of bad.
    “Oh but its a b-” -no! Dont get me started. Its basic game design and i’m not reviewing possible 2021 versions here.

    Dying in 1 second to run 10 minutes aimlessly around with no real team binding objectives……. thats not fun.

    Wannt WW2 fun?
    World of Tanks… Company of Heroes 2… – freaking ARMY MEN on PS1 ……. anything!

    Its just pointless. Absolutely pointless. Oh and since every class is the same aka : you can only aim down sights…
    Some got a gimmic like the medic can be shot while trying to save someone which respawns anyway before you reach him
    then there is the MG guy who can put up an MG… and make himself to an static target to be shot
    … you can go tank crew but only driver and gunner matter. Honestly the commander can only turn that scope in 4 minutes once and it will fight the turn speed of the turret XD wonderful!

    list goes on and on and on…

    How comes Command and Conquer Renegade had a lot of Teamplay. tanks, infantrie… bases… all that… and got it right in 2003…

    ugh. i am getting to old for this. either that or i should do like all the cool kids and just buy a freaking aimbot<.< pff

  3. I wish you the best in your quest to soothe the excruciating pain and sadness the game caused you. I hope you can get a refund because HLL never intended to be Call of Duty or BF and likely will never be for you even after the devs fix the expected beta bugs.

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