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Grand Battles are coming to tier 8!

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Grand Battles have been exclusive for Tier X vehicles since they were released, but players been asking them for Tier VIII vehicles too. Wargaming, after listening to player feedback are bringing a test of Grand Battles for Tier VIII vehicles!

The mode will only be available for a week only, from 13 November to 20 November, so make sure you have Grand Battle mode enabled in your game settings. The mode is available for EU and NA regions, unfortunately, it won’t be coming to ASIA region for now.


  • Mode: Random Battles (Grand Battles are available alongside Standard, Encounter, and Assault modes)
  • Teams: Up to 30 players on each side
  • Vehicles: Tier VIII only
  • Maps: Klondike and Nebelburg
  • Objectives: Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles

Also, with the addition of the Tier VIII-centered conflicts, there will be a limit in each battle of 3 artillery per team! It’s also worth noting that when compared to previous Grand Battles events, unfortunately, there will be no Bond rewards for this time.


15,466 thoughts on “Grand Battles are coming to tier 8!

  1. Wow… They actually listened. o_o Amazing. Now just fix the premium ammo spamming and rebalance all vehicles against normal AP and… yeah maybe I’ll play.

  2. Absolutely agree on gold ammo spamming. The amount of times I get hit with multiple gold rounds in a light tank at higher tiers because, I guess, gold is all the firer is carrying. Also, MM should be plus or minus one and only one arty per team and this game would improve 200%.

  3. I love the grand battles!

    It is really nice to have variance in the we play way

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