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Frontline: Episode 4 is here and ASIA gets a bonus!

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The fourth episode of Frontline 2019 has started on 13 May and will be available until 20 May ta 04:00 CEST. With Episode 4, some balance adjustments were introduced for the Defenders. Here are the details:

Revamped Airstrike

Airstrike is one of the lest popular Combat Reserves, mainly because they don’t cause serious damage to enemies.  To make it a good alternative to Artillery Strikes, the damage it causes and the splash radius were increased. But be aware, the penetration value of Airstrikes was slightly reduced too.

Main Objectives: Increasing Side Armour

All main objectives, or pillboxes, side armour were increased from 165 t 180 mm. These changes should:

  • Reduce the impact of light vehicles on gameplay.
  • Decrease the impact of tank destroyers and other types of vehicles that can hit the pillboxes from long distances.

The additional 20 mm side armour will encourage attackers to move closer to the objective and try various tactics, instead of using safe positions from long distances.

Engineering & Respawns

Engineering ability will have a reduced bonus for attackers when they capture the base.

  • Level 1 – From 1.6 to 1.5
  • Level 2 – From 1.6 to 1.5
  • Level 3 –  From 1.8 to 1.7
  • Level 4 – From 1.8 to 1.7
  • Level 5 – From 2.0 to 1.8

This change will give defenders more time to reach the point that is being captured.

Respawn positions also have been changed, making players who are attacking able o avoid situations where they respawn too close to the base, surrounded by tanks of the defending team. Respawns will be located further away from the epicentre of the battle zones.

ASIA Server Bonus

Wargaming has decided to give a very generous exclusive bonus to Asia Server: DOUBLE the Frontline Experience for each battle, but only for Episode 4.

There isn’t a clear reason why Wargaming decided to give such a big bonus to one region, but it could be due to low numbers of players playing Frontline mode or it could be an experiment. Several times I and others have advised Wargaming about the massive grind involved in Frontlines.

Understandably the mode needs to present a challenge due to the rewards, but due to the repetitive nature of Frontline and the frustration of the system not being able to calculate a player is halfway or close to the next Rank, forces players to play even more battles. I’ve missed 1,200 XP several times because I still had a tiny fraction of XP left to get promoted to General and that forced me to play a lot more battles than required, if the system was able to calculate something in between the 900 and 1,200 for example, it would be a big improvement.

Nonetheless, Asia players can enjoy a nice boost and the rest of us will have to wait and see if we will get it at some point.

2 thoughts on “Frontline: Episode 4 is here and ASIA gets a bonus!

  1. Yea countless battles I been one shot away from general or major and the game ends. Also noticed not all damage and spotting damage will get counted but don’t happen a lot but I notice it sometimes. Yea they should give double what they do to for us. It takes so long to rank up and been playing every week and everyday of the week each Episode after probably 10 games at least more like 15 per night of frontline im at level 5 plus 20 but last time I played about 30 games a day when I was off so yea it takes so much to level up too much in my view. I get the prizes are great but the grinding is getting to me and I grinded out every tier ten only free xping new lines like 2 so about 52 tier tens since 2015 plus all the campaign reward tanks even the new 279e was 23 rd on the server and the grinding is getting even to me. Anew map and maybe a new tier like 6 and 7 might help freshen it up a bit . But more frontline xp per battle would be the best thing.

  2. Yes, definitely. Different Frontline maps and tiers or just anything to make it interesting. How about 30 v 30 arty? It might be silly, but would definitely be interesting and a change from the A-B-C-attack-defend.

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