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Foch – Things Wrong with World of Tanks

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Hello everyone,

Foch if you had only published this in the first place… We wouldn’t have had #FochGate and all the locomotion on Social Media. I’m happy that Foch was able to publish this video, where we can understand his points and reasons to be mad at Wargaming and the direction World of Tanks is taking.

15,466 thoughts on “Foch – Things Wrong with World of Tanks

  1. Not enough “**** WG” 😉
    But jokes aside, had the guy keep his rant to a reasonable level, all of this wouldn’t have happened in the 1st place
    Then again people can argue that if he didn’t make a ****storm out of it, then everything would be just the same

  2. This was the best what Foch could have done. Otherwise WG will proceed wirh this bull**** and break the game. Now everyone who is honest says that Wot is going full P2W. And this is true. So great thanks to Foch.

  3. Seriously the best video made by him and first time for me to take him really serious as a player who really really loves this game – perhaps he also learned an important lesson in life – never give up to hope best!

  4. and its only his view, not everyone agrees with the salty dog

  5. HOLY ****.

    From the most toxic WoT streamer to a pondered contributer!!!!
    I just hope his idiotic Twitch audience follows his lead.

    I’d never seen that coming. Impressed by this Foch 2.0

  6. That’s just it man. He can’t be a stupid little kid all his life. Now we can start talking about the game again and he raises very valid points in a way conducive to rational discourse.

    This is looking good, finally.

  7. I really enjoyed Foch’s video. He raised a lot of interesting points, particularly about ammo and armour and related costs. I myself cant believe that the german line appears to have tier 10 tanks at tier 8 and 9, its a mess, and the Chrysler is just silly, almost indestructable. I also have to say that I did not fully understand the point about randomly generated – maybe someone can explain.

  8. The penetration and the damage a shell that you fire does to an enemy can vary 25% (randomly generated between 0 and 25%), meaning that for instance an is3 (normally 225mm penetration and 390 damage) shell could roll low and only penetrate 169mm or could roll high and suddenly penetrate 281mm, likewise it could do only 293 damage, or up to 487 damage, the problem that he (and i concur) has with this is that you cannot depend on your shell, if you do the effort to get in range, expose yourself, aim properly at the intended place (weakpoint that you know with your pen shoud be penetratable, lets say 180mm), hit it and then still bounce because you roll low is infuriating to say the least. he also talks about the shell precision, they changed the % of shells that hit dead center of your aming circle a while back (before that most of the shells hit the middle with only a few that went to the outer rim of the possible hitcircle), they made the dispersion greater so that hitting weakspots is more a question of luck than skill (sadly). I have to say i was impressed watching sirfoch on twitch last sunday trying to 3 mark his IS6 (175 pen, he did not use gold) and giving us all a lesson in how that pen is enough to get the job done (or use HE on the sides if there are no other options)

  9. Attitude of a child. Brain of a child.
    WoT is a business. They are willing to cater to broke *** bitches, that pay nothing. Those BAB’s should say ty that they can play this game for FREE!!!!
    WG really is interested in those people that can afford to buy stuff. Wait, not only afford, but actually BUY STUFF.

    Enough of this BS.
    Foch and all his buddies can raise 10-20 million dollars, and make a game. Then, let’s see them pay for salaries, rent, utilities, insurance, servers, etc. WIth their childish attitude.


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