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Welcome to The Daily Bounce

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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome all to The Daily Bounce.

My name is Duarte Teixeira, also know as Harkonnen and for quite some time I was thinking I should start my own blog to complete my Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Unfortunately, life didn’t allow me to do this for a long time, had to stop with my YouTube Channel and the Facebook page was quiet…

Fear not, things have changed and now I am pleased to present to you, The Daily Bounce. A blog where you will be getting articles about my visits to Museums and Historical Events, World of Tanks & World of Warships news, opinion articles and much, much more.

Some of you already know me from another blog, The Armored Patrol, where I was an editor for about three months. So to start and to have some content, I have brought over my main articles and will continue with some of the series I was creating before.

If you want to contact me and send me something you would like me to post in the blog, just contact me on or in the Contact page.

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