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Fair Play: Cheaters get banned!

World of Tanks always has been open to modifications, some better than others but players always had the liberty to mod their tanks and UI in an attempt to improve it or other times just to look different.

Cheats, also know as illegal modifications have been around for a long time, from aimbot to delete bush mods and Wargaming have fought them to a certain point. But are they doing enough?

Cheaters get banned

It’s November 2018 and yet we have another announcement of ban wave across all servers. European and Russian servers are the ones with the most players suspended and banned in total, as expected as they are the most populated servers. In total, across all regions 10,562 players got their accounts suspended for seven days and 4,510 got permanently banned.

How bad is it?

Numbers are decreasing, each ban wave we see fewer players getting banned and suspended, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer players using these illegal modifications as some new mods now can go undetected for a long time.

Wargaming needs to keep improving and keep closing the game to unwanted modifications. The creation of Wargaming Mod Shop was a nice first step but it needs to be improved, especially the control side of it. The fight needs to be taken to those who create these mods and not to the end user. A cheater is a cheater, a person with bad character and usually a sore loser, but if the cheater can’t get his “supply” of cheats, he will be harmless to the game.



  1. What WG need is anti cheat software like in Conter Strike 1.6
    And make list of ban mods or they dont want to make list because some devs are involved in making of illegal mods.To make mode you need to know game engine or game code.If they make list seem that money flow will drop from players that buy illegal mods,and dont say that there are no site that sell illegal mods,if you say i will post some of them.
    Yes iam now of ban player,i use mod that show arty splash when you play with arty,is easy to ban small players but hard to ban players from big clans.

    1. LOL. Amazing amount of tinfoil coming from a guy banned for using illegal mods, and the one that makes toxic class even more broken…

  2. Still so many cheaters…wow. I expected lower numbers, that’s quite a large amount of players.

    1. It is a “high” number when looking at it globally, BUT compared to the over 15,000 baned at one point in the past in the CIS server, we have to say it was quite low now. Problem is, I’m aware of new aimbot and other cheats who don’t use mods and so far I don’t know if WG is doing anything about it. Cheat creators will always adapt to the challenges they are faced with, WG mission should make it as hard as possible to create them.

  3. Honestly?
    I would like to see a list of nicknames and reasons.
    Transparency is the key to credibility. And do not even start with the non-shame thing….
    WG, you want to protect who cheats? For real? Am i a joke to you?
    WG, you should protect ME and other honest players, not the opposite.

    Also i would like to see the detail report on module damage, etc. from enemy and friend team like i can see my own. What there is to hide about it?

  4. Banning few thousand from time to time is a joke…one of the guys wich has site with all mods in one place said that there is more than 500k per patch. Serious problem, but much less than problems than WOT has, and developers wont to change: bad MM, premium ammo spam , OP tanks etc

  5. im cheating for a while (several accounts) and didnt get any bann
    the key is never use XVM and buy premium stuffs

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